[R-P] Una ex diputada yanqui (negra pero no de los de Obama) sobre lo que está pasando en Libia hoy

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[No tengo tiempo de traducir, pero esta larga nota sirve, entre otras
cosas, para enterarse de que el método de inventar centenares de
pequeñas “fuentes independientes” lo viene usando la CIA desde tiempos
de la Guerra Fría. Trasladarlo a la web es juego de niños, y lo

    I really appreciate your feedback, questions, comments, and
additional information. I am in the process of doing so many things at
the moment that I have not yet had an opportunity to write up the
horrific details of the murder of the Libyan of darker skin. I will do
so at my earliest opportunity. I have received questions about how
this actually started and I have the information on that, too. I am
down here with two attorneys in addition to the journalists so
whatever I send out I want it to able to be tested in a court of law.

    NATO's serial allegations could not and would not stand up in a
court of law. Therefore the psy-ops operation to win in the court of
public opinion--as Frank Wisner coined it, "the Mighty Wurlitzer."

    While a wurlitzer is a brand of high quality musical instruments,
usually referring to pianos and organs, the term "Mighty Wurlitzer"
was coined by CIA agent Frank Wisner to describe the network of small
organizations and magazines that the agency used to propagate its
message during the Cold War: a mass of information and intelligence
capable of playing the tunes the rest of the world would dance to.

    The world is being subjected to a massive "perception management"
campaign, especially on Libya right now. Soon, the Wurlitzer will be
focused and playing a tune for you to believe on Iran, Venezuela, and

    At the 1999 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. murder trial, Mr. William
Schaap, attorney, military and intelligence specialization,
co-publisher “Covert Action Quarterly†testified that approximately
30% of the CIA budget at that time was devoted to this "Wurlitzer."
Imagine what it is today! And finally, please remember, it was
Wisner's son whom President Obama sent in recently to manage events in
Egypt! If you believe anything at all from these guys, then you are
truly being played!

    With that having been said, let me quickly respond to the rape
issue and later I will send out something more comprehensive and at
the standard that I have indicated above. Here's what Amnesty
International has said as reported on 9 June 2011 in the New York
Times: "Amnesty International said in a statement on Thursday that the
group’s researchers, working in eastern Libya, Misurata and in
refugee camps along the Tunisian border, 'have not to date turned up
significant hard evidence to support this allegation' of systematic

    $1 Billion Is Pledged to Support Libya Rebels

    Here's what I sent to one person, but because I've received more
inquiries, I'll share this with you all and then get back to you on
the other issues in due course.

    Here's my short response:

    "99% of what is appearing is a result of psy-ops. The United
States very well knows what Viagra does to troops. If you go to my
Congressional website you will see a floor speech by me complaining
about the US making Viagra an approved drug for our soldiers. The
speech, given many years ago, could be entitled 'Locked, Cocked, and
Ready to Rock' and should be in the Congressional Record. Read this
from just a few years ago:

    "'CIA give Afghan warlords Viagra in exchange for information on Taliban
    The CIA has secured co-operation from ageing Afghan warlords by
providing them with an unusual incentive â€" Viagra.

    By Toby Harnden in Washington

    4:38PM GMT 26 Dec 2008

    "Whatever it takes to make friends and influence people â€"
whether it's building a school or handing out Viagra," one veteran CIA
officer told The Washington Post.
    CIA give Afghan warlords Viagra in exchange for information on Taliban
    Viagra: the blue pills to boost libidos are the latest in a long
line of inducements including tooth extractions and visas

    According to the newspaper, pills to boost the libidos of Afghan
tribal patriarchs are the latest in a long line of inducements
including medicine or operations for family, toys and school
equipment, tooth extractions and visas.

    In one case, a warlord aged 60 who was struggling to satisfy his
four younger wives was also holding back information that could be
crucial to American interests.

    A clandestine CIA operatives who was visiting sensed an
opportunity and reached into his bag for a small gift of four blue
pills. "Take one of these," he said. "You'll love it."

    Four days later, the CIA man returned to a beaming warlord â€"
whether there were any smiles form his wives was not reported. The
warlord furnished the CIA with invaluable details of Taliban supply
routes and movements before requesting more pills.

    More traditional CIA bribes involved money and guns. But they can
be problematic because the weapons might be used against American
forces and money can compromise an informant who is not careful about
how visibly it is spent.

    "If you give an asset $1,000, he'll go out and buy the shiniest
junk he can find, and it will be apparent that he has suddenly come
into a lot of money from someone," Jamie Smith, a former CIA officer,
told The Washington Post.

    "Even if he doesn't get killed, he becomes ineffective as an
informant because everyone knows where he got it."

    The trick was to identify a means of pleasing the CIA source
enough to guarantee his loyalty without making it obvious to others
that he's being rewarded.

    "You're trying to bridge a gap between people living in the 18th
century and people coming in from the 21st century so you look for
those common things in the form of material aid that motivate people


    Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.

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    FINAL CALL: Ten reasons why the U.S. war in Libya is a CIA operation
    Posted by: "walterlx" walterlx en earthlink.net   walterlx
    Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:17 am (PDT)

    FinalCall.com News

    Ten reasons why the U.S. war in Libya is a CIA operation
    By the Historical Research Group of the Nation of Islam
    Updated Apr 28, 2011 - 9:53:49 AM

    (FinalCall.com) - The U.S.-led attack on Libya is an American
operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), planned and
initiated long before any “protests†started in Libya this

    Under the guise of “protecting innocent civilians,†the U.S.
military, Africom, NATO, and the United Nations are now bombing Libya,
raining destruction upon the Libyan economic and military
infrastructure and killing untold numbers of innocent Africans. Here
are just 10 of the many obvious reasons why this so-called
“spontaneous†protest was from beginning to end another CIA

    1. The United States' motives are suspect. The “humanitarianâ€
concern expressed by the American government has not taken long to
evaporate. The claim that Col. Muammar Gadhafi was “slaughtering his
own people†cannot be substantiated by any independent evidence, and
no “journalists†are even asking for evidence. The White House's
policy advisor and Israeli lobby official Dennis Ross claimed that
“up to 100,000 people could be massacred, and everyone would blame
us for it.†Ross has produced no proof of a massacreâ€"and Defense
Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen both confirmed,
“We've seen no confirmation whatsoever.†Russian military has been
monitoring the unrest via satellite from the very beginning, and they
say that the claimed “slaughter†is imaginary. CIA √

    2. The world media have shown a shocking lack of curiosity. Just
as with the U.S. debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, the New York Times
leads a coordinated campaign of propaganda, rumor-mongering, and the
demonization of Muammar Gadhafi. Some articles appear to be written in
advance and closely follow the prescription of the Washington
consulting firm Wirthlin Group, which determined that “the message
most likely to motivate public support for war on Iraq was the
perception of Saddam Hussein as an evil madman who even committed
atrocities against his own people and had to be stopped.†The major
media's appetite for this “killing-his-own-people†line is textbook
CIA propaganda and belies the fact that they are at this very hour
operating from a swank hotel that is under Gadhafi's total control in
Tripoli. Even though they continue to spread unsubstantiated
“rapes†and “cluster bombings,†and “fears of massacres,†and
child-targeting, these “journalists†don't appear to be frightened
for their lives. CIA √

    3. The “rebels†are Al-Qaeda. When Col. Gadhafi first claimed
that the rebels were members of Al-Qaeda, no one believed him. But
according to a 2007 report from the Combating Terrorism Center at West
Point titled “Al-Qa'ida's Foreign Fighters In Iraq,†eastern
Libyaâ€"the very center of the current uprisingâ€"is a well-known
Al-Qaeda stronghold. The same people the U.S. is fighting three wars
to destroy are the “rebels†the U.S. is protecting, supplying,
training, and attempting to install into power in Libya. And if the
West Point military analysts knew this to be true in 2007, why did
they not bomb those Al-Qaeda strongholds in the way they are bombing
Gadhafi's forces now? CIA √

    4. Rebel “leaders†are CIA agents. The “rebel†leader, a man
named Khalifa Hifter, left the Libyan government and set up his own
militia financed by the CIA. He then spent two decades living within
minutes of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where, according to
Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he had no apparent source of income. Shortly
after the 2011 “protests†began, the CIA airlifted him into
Benghazi and told the press to start calling him the “leader†of
the rebels. CIA √

    5. The Libyan uprising is not “spontaneous.†The incident that
allegedly spurred the Libyan “rebellion†was the arrest of an
activist lawyer on February 15, 2011. This ignited a wave of protests
that spilled over onto the Internet and other media. But an unusually
large number of YOUTUBE videos and TWITTER messages have emerged that
are suspiciously similar and seem to be a product of the Pentagon's
recently uncovered project to develop software that allows it to
secretly manipulate social media sites to influence Internet
conversations and spread propaganda.

    These suspicious “free Libya†sites all claim to be homegrown,
but YOUTUBE and other social media sites cannot be accessed by
Internet users in Libya. The “revolution†websites are all in
English even though the language of Libya is Arabic, with English
rarely spoken and only in the big cities. Despite their dubious
origins, professional media groups like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox
News, and Al Jazeera have amplified these anonymous and uncorroborated
video postings as legitimate news sources.

    And some of the “spontaneous†websites are clearly fraudulent.
(http://www.feb17.info/) was created on February 14â€"A DAY BEFORE the
original protest. And the website is registered in Ohio as a
non-profit organization with a 501c3 tax exempt ID number! CIA √

    6a. Whites are desperate for Libyan oil. America and Europe are
dependent on the type of oil that is only found in Libya. It is a very
high quality “sweet†oil with low sulfur content. Europe's
refineries cannot process other types of high sulfur oil, so when
Gadhafi recently suggested he could find better customers for Libyan
oil in India, China, and Russia, it made Europe desperate for an
immediate Libyan “uprising.†CIA √

    6b. New oil infrastructure already in place. Only days after the
“spontaneous†protests the “rebels,†who were mostly seen in
grainy cell phone videos chanting slogans and waving banners, had
organized themselves into a sophisticated corporate entity and
announced their formation and launching of the “Libyan Oil Companyâ€
to supervise oil production for all of Libya, and their creation of
the “Central Bank of Benghazi†as a monetary authority. The French
government instantaneously recognized these new business entities
formed by “the rebels†even though it was still publicly wondering
who the rebel leaders were. CIA √

    7. CIA history in Libya. The CIA has a LONG documented history of
attempts to overthrow Col. Gadhafi. At least four major CIA
operations, some in partnership with the Israeli Mossad, have been
conducted since 1972. Gadhafi's use of oil revenues to organize and
uplift Africa from its colonial destruction is EXACTLY the opposite of
America's foreign policy, which has always sought to strip Africa of
its raw resources to enrich the multinational corporations.

    Col. Gadhafi has invested billions of dollars in projects to help
emerging African countries become independent. He has worked to
establish a “United States of Africa†â€"an effort to unite Africa
to finally overcome the damage caused by centuries of European
colonialism. It was Gadhafi who drove the African Union's efforts
toward a single African Parliament, a single currency, and a single
army. The CIA has no other function than to stop this kind of Black
unity and progress. CIA √

    8. Libyan invasion planned prior to 9/11. In a 2007 filmed
interview, 4-star United States Army Gen. Wesley Clark discussed a
Pentagon memo under Donald Rumsfeld that, in his words, “describes
how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting
with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and,
finishing off, Iran.†CIA √

    9. The U.S. companies in Libya are invisible. Many U.S.
corporations that have been, are now, and will continue to do business
in Libya are UNDER NO PRESSURE to leave or “give back†their
profits, or alter their business activity with Gadhafi's so-called
“murderous regime.†Curiously, they have achieved a status
different from that of The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of
Islam, which also had a business relationship with Libyaâ€"but for
comparatively infinitesimal sums. The U.S. companies in Libya whose
Libyan business arrangements have yet to be questioned are many, and

    Chevron Oil
    Hess Corporation
    Marathon Oil Corporation
    Occidental Petroleum
    Sheraton Hotels
    Exxon Mobil
    Dow Chemical
    Four Seasons Hotels
    Shell Oil
    United Gulf Construction
    Valmont, and White & Case
    Marriott Hotels
    Intercontinental Hotels

    In reality, the CIA works for the multinational corporations to
tenaciously protect their world interests. CIA √

    10. Rape is charged. A distraught, English-speaking, Arab woman
fortuitously finds her way from days of gang rape by Gadhafi's
soldiers into the only hotel in Tripoli where foreign journalists are
encamped (apparently dropped off by her tormentors) where she reports
of her ordeal to the gathered media who immediately, unquestioningly,
broadcast the brutal crime to the world as proven fact. She claimed
that she was detained at a checkpoint, tied up, abused, then led away
to be gang rapedâ€"all whilst her assailants were defending Tripoli
against a Western bombing campaign. “They defecated and urinated on
me and tied me up,†she said, her face streaming with tears. “They
violated my honor, look at what the Gadhafi militiamen did to me.â€

    Everybody who heard this woman's claimsâ€"except 100 percent of
the Western mediaâ€"immediately remembered October 1990, when a
sobbing 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl gave unsworn testimony in a
Congressional hearing chaired by Zionist congressman Thomas Lantos in
which she described what she saw in a Kuwaiti hospital with her own
eyes: “While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the
hospital with guns, and go into the room where … babies were in
incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the
incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.â€

    The girl was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador, and
had been coached by the public relations firm Hill and Knowlton to
give false testimony. Three months passed between the hearing and the
start of the first Gulf War during which the fabricated incubator
story was repeated over and over again by seven U.S. senators and ten
times by President G.H.W. Bush himself. It was recited as fact in
congressional testimony, on TV and radio talk shows like Nightline,
and at the UN Security Council. It is cited as the single most
persuasive reason that the American public backed the first Iraq War.
None of those involved with the hoax have ever faced legal reprisals.

    The number ten is arbitrary, and does not represent the full
extent of possibly the most brazen CIA overthrow attempt in their long
and murderous history. That which drives the entire Western industrial
infrastructureâ€"petroleum oilâ€"is the only thing on the minds of the
charlatan leaders of the West, and the world watches in horrified awe
as each blunder they make is exposed to the light in almost real time.
The poor Libyan people and their revolutionary African champion
Muammar Gadhafi are under severe assault by the very same people who
only yesterday assured him he was their partner and friend. It is a
6,000-year-old history of tricks and deceptions that The Most
Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us about, and it has now run its
course and is bringing a well-deserved demise to Western rule.

    Related news:

    Why the West Want the Fall of Muammar Gaddafi (Analysis by
Jean-Paul Pougala, 04, 2011)

    ‘U.S. provoking China and Russia in Libya, Mediterranean’
(Tehran Times, 04-28-2011)

    West 'getting away with murder' in Libya (FCN, 04-27-2011)

    Farrakhan Questioned on Libya (WPFW Radio Interview, 04-03-2011)

    A CIA commander for the Libyan rebels (WSWS, 03-28-2011)

    Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective
(FCN, 03-08-2011)

    Massive Disinformation War against Libya for US/West Military
Intervention? [The 4th Media](03-01-2011)

    British intelligence paid al-Qaeda cell to assassinate Col.
Gadhafi, blocked Libya's Interpol arrest warrant of Bin Laden

    TIME, 1986 - LIBYA: Real and Illusionary Events (TIME, 10-13-1986)

    How the U.S. Government destabilized foreign governments (FCN, 07-22-1985)

    How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars (Info Clearing House)

    Secret ties between CIA, drugs revealed (FCN, 1996)

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