[R-P] Ahora en serio: conflictos tribales y los anteriores "crimenes de guerra" contra Libia

Fernando Cassia fcassia en gmail.com
Sab Feb 26 12:19:16 MST 2011

Perdón por copiar y pegar esto en inglés, pero me pareció un buenísimo
análisis, incluyendo las agresiones imperialistas que sufrió Libia en
el pasado. No tengo tiempo de traducirlo pero si alguien quiere
hacerlo, ¡adelante!.

Do we need to be reminded that it was only 25 years ago that the US invaded
territorial waters of Libya, and bombed Tripoli, killing scores of
civilians, including Gaddaffi's daughter (with British military support)?
 Or reminded of the earlier Italian invasion, the killings and starvations
in the concentration camps, dropping of poison gas, etc.?
is still today paying billions in reparations to Libya for Italy's war
crimes there.

Those were the true war crimes.

Obviously, this is not to diminish the government killings going on today by
the now "neoliberalized" Libya.

And why is it that no one seems to understand the uprising in Libya has very
strong roots in inter-tribal conflict, rather than simply "democracy"?
Libya is most definitely not a country in the manner of Egypt.  Nor of
Tunisia.  Libya is less a country than it is 140 tribes that make up 3
countries.  Bengazzi (which has... of course, the oil) is home of the
Warfalla tribe (
have received little of the oil money and did not raise the national flag
when liberated, but the flag of the Monarchy which Qaddafi overthrew.  The
monarchy was represented by King Isidris - king of Cyrenaica (eastern
Libya), only one of the three "countries" from the Ottoman empire, that were
later stitched together by the Italians to make Libya.  They despise the
Gaddafi tribe in western Libya (which supports Qaddafi's regime), and vise
versa.  The Gaddafi tribe is likely to have little interest in "democracy"
or the overthrow of Qaddafi.

Which is why the following is so troubling.  The rebel leader Colonel Tarek
Saad Hussein said he would "finish" the people of Sirte (mostly Gaddafi
tribe) if they opposed him:

"I want to deliver a message to the people of Sirte: You are with us or
against us. Because when we move to Tripoli, you either join us, or we will
finish you."

Seems the "people's revolution" may only apply to certain people.
Fuente: Peter Fay <peterrfay en gmail.com>

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