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Thoughts written to E.U. lawyer friend whose specialty, being governmentally
shut down, is immigration.  Only one of 7 such in all the country now.  The
Netherlands has agreed with the warrior U.S. to demonize the Goldstone
Report.  The E.U. is based on International Human Rights Law, just as Islam
in it's greatest times, was Sharia Law, 600 years ago the world's most
advanced and nuanced law.  Habeous Corpus briefly reappeared by Supreme
Court fiat in the U.S. but it is obviously a whim like court of law, liable
to change back at any time or incident.  Habeous is from the Wittenburg
Court in a German fiefdom 1400 something or other, or maybe from the Magna
Carta or prereformation England maybe.    The heavy thinking in the U.S. is
Corporate Law led by, quess who, with it's Best Buddy,  would be
preferable, better than all others combined, past Hammurrabi probably.

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Date: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:30 PM
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Some information just put together which make what changes I have seen and
see each Sunday understandable.   Evidently, there are more Jewish people
living in the Netherlands than any other country in Europe.  That is a
quote, do not know if it is true.   The Zionist Israeli Foreign Minister
Liebrman arrived for talks to the faithful in Amsterdam Wednesday, November
11, staying at The Golden Tulip Hotel where some dissident Jewish people
will picket his visit.  A Rabbi from Israel has just published a book in
Israel in which he quotes the Torah as saying that Gentiles and children who
threaten Israel may be 'legallly' by religious law, be killed.  Then there
is the Fourth Generation order to wipe out families of perpetrators of
Israeli genocides.     Having read the Palestinian newsletter for years now
I would expect after the Goldstone Report that some 'frmal' religious
justification for the shooting of infants and pregnant women in Gaza would
be published to try and cover the guilt internally and externally.

This information fleshes out the fabirc behind the hate I have felt has
entered the lovely, warmly friendly church.  I quess it is part and parcel
of occupation.

Holland joined with the U.S. stating the the Report is biased and will vetoe
it not be considered, with the U.S.vetoe....but it is not going away.    We
have the International Court and we have a smaller country than we are who
will do anything they can do to destroy our ability to use Human Rights
Laws, which the present U.S. government intends to destroy as well.   In
technicolor or soto voce.   Zionist desperation is fully usefull to U.S.
international needs and plans.   Zionism being it's foreign policy.  So to

Devil's Advocate perhaps, but Queen's Day putsch, spontaneous fire in your
flat, constant entrance into mine too, removal of things, alteration of
substnaces and just things in order to terrify ...much efforts of various
persuasions all to enrage and/or intimidate to the point of 'silence'?
acquiescence?   In short, International Law is in process of attempting to
be changed completely by doing, forcing aqcuiesence.....?    I think it is
more than that, much more.   I almost urged you to put in a hidden camera in
your flat and office to atempt to forstall raiding them for information.
Months ago.

What ever Israel wants to do, the U.S. Military is 100% behind them ... I
see that in the faces of the Jewish churchgoers to the tiny church.  It
represents a heart of Holland.  And they are very sure that that heart is in
their control.   Though the pastor last Sunday, the entrepenuer, tried to
sound dissaproving of unpeaceful acts.  With energy around like that, the
potential graceful peace of the Christ seems easily shredded to

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