[R-G] Worthless Debates Over Half Measures Or Real Change

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Fri Nov 6 23:13:02 MST 2009

Worthless Debate Over Nothing, Or Real Change
We need to end capitalist dominance of our world. Simple solution, end it. Not such a simple solution, because the last administration and all their allies did their best to get us so far under that we could not imagine anything but paying back all that debt we have accumulated. But I suggest a more radical solution. We declare a Jubilee for the entire planet. We reset the world’s economy at zero and start over again. But not just start over, we star with a completely different economic system. All we need to do is to agree on a more logical and equitable system of resource distribution.
It doesn’t have to be totally rational, because it needs to satisfy the desire for more and for being better that humans have. That is the alpha male genetic tendency that we seem to have inherited from our ape ancestors. We can encourage that tendency and aggravate it again and have this roller coaster economic ride that is exasperated by the use of computer technology to intensify and speed it up. Or we can discourage it and sublimate that tendency by encouraging other forms of excellence like sport, art, etc.
Small children have all these traits. They have tendencies to cooperate and to they have the same tendencies to dominate, to include and exclude in a primitive form as they later exhibit as adults in more sophisticated forms. We can modify children’s behavior and we can do the same for adults. Advertisers know that repetition for a period of about two weeks of just about anything will convince subconsciously. It must be repeated but if it is reinforced almost any behavior can be modified. I have Geico insurance and a Capital One credit card. I am sure it is not because they are particularly good. They simply are persistent and good at advertising. People started smoking because of the media perception that it was cool. Now people have stopped smoking because of the constant repetition of the message that it is bad. Smoking is addictive. This is not an easy thing to give up, but people have it in their minds that it is bad, even though their bodies tell
 them they need to smoke. That shows the power of suggestion.
Drugs became popular in the culture because of all the positive imagery in the media about them. I know I personally could not wait to try them because of all I had read and seen on TV. The positive messages of excitement, sex and rebellion far outweighed the social message of the discredited authority.
Now we have the group that represented the former druggies, not the serious one but the I didn’t inhale Clinton types, the ones who partied but not too hard, the intellectually adventurous, the geeks and the policy wonk hipsters, but also the members of the establishment who like to think of themselves as being progressive, these are the people in power. The sons and daughters of privilege and the people who worked hard to get to a position of privilege, these are the people in power. They are the members of the ruling elites who believe in thinking smarter but not with a heavy handedness of the other side.
Who are the other side? We saw them with the Bush crew. But the question is what do we do? I am afraid the ‘I didn’t inhale’ crowd isn’t willing to take a real chance. They are too vested in the system or they had to make too many compromises to get to the position of power. But now they are in power and if they don’t take some chances then they will be kicked out again and the Bush sort of thugs will be back with their talk of going to the dark side and their belief in American Exceptionalism and their willingness to impose neo fascist police state controls in the name of security. Do we really want that? They are howling for blood, like a pack of hungry wolves, they stand at the gates of power waiting for the wonks and hipsters to screw up.
More that that what I see is a failure of nerve. This insistance of bringing on board some moderates of the other side, of meeting them half way, of being fair minded, all that is old school and in this day and age it is certainly not what is required. People voted them into power to make changes not to dither and make nice with the old group that got kicked out of power. By playing nice the other side smells blood and weakness. They don’t see this group as trying to be fair, they see them as typically wishy washy liberal. It is time for the real left to take over. It is time for those who inhaled, and injected and dropped and took chances and had ideas to step foward and say now we need to make radical moves. It is time for the world to get ready and take the plunge into another way of perceiving the world.
Half measures made for the sake of trying not to offend is a path to nowhere. It is the way to become displaced and removed from power. The opportunity have been given by the people to a small group and these people need to be willing to act and act decisively. They may not be ready to end capitalism, but they sure as hell don’t need to be propping it up and getting us all further in debt to a system that is collapsing. We need to rein it in, pull it down just as the capitalists brought down the lame version of communism that existed back then, now we need to be willing to do the same for this rampaging beast of capitalism. It is frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog. It needs to be put down before it infects us all.
10.2% unemployment officially and a rate of closer to 20% if we include those working part time and those who have stopped searching and live in the underground economy is unacceptable in a system with almost no safety net as ours is since we demolished the one we had in a hubris-tic flight of fantasy during the Clinton administration when we were convinced that prosperity and full employment would last forever and not until the next roll of the coaster. That is the problem with these so called smart people who believe in capitalism. They cannot see past the next roll of the dice and they are believers in this crazy way of running a world because they are blinded by their own intellect.
We need not smart ass thinkers looking for another quick fix. We need people who are willing to walk away from it and look to the safety and security of the whole world. We need responcible radicals who are willing to say no to this addiction to the highs and the inevitable lows of a system based on bubbles and financial gimmickry.
We nave to get back to the basics and design a method of allocation that takes care of real needs first with production in the real economy and not with fake financial instruments. When we return to reality then perhaps we can build a system that works for people and not for wall street and its devotees.
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