[R-G] Call to Action July 19-21: No War With Iran

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Call to Action July 19-21: No War With Iran
July 7th, 2008

Responding to the renewed threats of a U.S./Israeli attack on Iran
before President Bush leaves office, United for Peace and Justice
calls for coordinated Days of Action across the United States on July
19-21. Now is the time to speak out against any U.S./Israeli military
attack on Iran.

U.S. officials say Israel is mounting a "full court press" to get the
Bush administration to strike Iran's nuclear complex, CBS News
reports. In The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh reports that congressional
leaders agreed last year to fund a major escalation of covert
operations against Iran. New York Newsday and the Seattle-Post
Intelligencer warn that Congress is considering a resolution promoted
by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) that would
effectively endorse a naval blockade of Iran, an act of war.

Voices in the U.S. calling for real diplomacy and negotiations with
Iran are being silenced. Few people in this country know Iran has an
offer on the table for comprehensive negotiations with the United
States that could resolve the nuclear stand-off and other issues. Nor
do they know that talks with Iran without preconditions are supported
by independent experts like Thomas Pickering, the U.S. Ambassador to
the UN during the first Bush administration.

To counter the renewed threats of military action, we are calling for
National Days of Coordinated Action against war with Iran on July
19-21, including:


      call-ins and letter-writing to Washington and local congressional offices;

      lobbying in Washington and at local congressional offices;

      demonstrations at congressional offices, federal buildings,
Israeli consulates or other sites chosen by local organizers (check
our calendar in the coming days for details about events near you).

Click here to list your organization's national or local event as part
of these National Days of Action (please be sure to choose "No War on
Iran" as your event type).

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