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Monstrosities Done in Our Name
Dear World Can't Wait Supporter, 


I don’t usually start out with an item from The Army Times, but they ran
this story yesterday from the Associated Press: 

Soldier: Sgt. ordered me to shoot Iraqi man By Katarina Kratovac - The
Associated Press 

"BAGHDAD — A U.S. soldier broke down in tears Thursday as he testified
that he was ordered to shoot an unarmed Iraqi man, and that his sergeant,
a North Carolina man, laughed and told the trooper to finish the job as
the man convulsed on the ground."

The article goes on to talk about “baiting” program from the Army’s
Asymmetrical Warfare Group, where “Army snipers hunting insurgents in Iraq
were under orders to ‘bait’ their targets with suspicious materials, such
as detonation cords, then kill those who picked up the items.”

These are monstrosities being done in our name. 2008 is what Defense
Secretary Gates just announced will be the most expensive year of the
occupation, saying it will take $190 billion. And Congress IS going to
authorize it.

 More on Tuesday’s protests at the United Nations:

Props to Critical Voice, Artists Against the War, The Granny Peace
Brigade; Students for a Democratic Society; Military Families Speak Out;
Veterans For Peace; War Resisters League; Witness Against Torture;
Movement for a Democratic Society; Peace Action and The National Lawyers
Guild for contributing to the resistance Tuesday. From the dramatic coffin
marches to the ARREST BUSH signs and civil disobedience against torture,
to performance, speakers, legal observers ... and for the passion to march
miles back downtown we made together a strong statement against the Bush
regime’s monstrous program.

The police began arresting people during the rally, and pulled the sound
permit early 
 but in the face of that, writes Tom Good, “Just outside the
permitted rally, 15 protesters were arrested for attempting to make a
“citizen’s arrest” of Bush - the activists were grabbed by police as they
approached the United Nations. After the arrests, police abruptly canceled
the rally organizers’ sound permit. In response, rally goers launched an
ad hoc march to Washington Square where another activist was arrested for
using a bullhorn. The feeling of resistance was in the air and even the
corporate media had to take note of it - running stories on several major
news services in the Metro area 
 When the early end of the rally
precipitated an ad hoc march, protesters streamed down 5th Avenue -
previously off limits for protests - flanked by a large number of scooter
cops and uniforms who walked alongside the main column.” 

We need more of all of this from the people! As I was running to catch up
to the march, people were saying “we’re with you! No more Bush!” and
telling us which way the “orange crowd” went.

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime

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