[R-G] Palast: Bush?s Fake Sheik Whacked (Anthony Fenton)

CeJ jannuzi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 19:07:34 MDT 2007

Oh, great. Just what we need. Iraq war coverage (such as it is) goes
Gonzo. Palast didn't even research the piece, so why didn't he let his
colleague author it? Palast is like so many others. He hates Bush and
his followers, but he also intentionally misinforms us about the Iraq
Resistance. Just as P. Cockburn, and that Aussie Zionist, Michael Ware
of CNN (was Time).  I would bet his actual backers are Israeli Labour.
Just a hunch.
Sure that sheik looked pretty fake. About as fake as most of these
'war correspondents'.

Sitting in my living room watching CNN (amongst all its usual parade
of absurdities) I could tell that. But using Soprano descriptions for
the 'capi of Anbar' is really lame.


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