[R-G] NATO a puppet for U.S. agenda, protesters say

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No anticapitalist discussion would be  complete without detailed
discussion of the thirty year fate of Detroit Michigan..it has been
destroyed by globalization of the auto markets, the elimination of
watchdog regulations so that big corporations can spend money on
product, not people...and then the deliberate demonization of the city
by the big press .. year after year after year.  This fate awaits any
city in any country that embraces globalization .. if you look
closely, NATOs role is to pave the way for globalization.

respectfully, Suzanne de Kuyper

On 9/8/07, Anthony Fenton <fentona at shaw.ca> wrote:
> NATO a puppet for U.S. agenda, protesters say
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> Peace groups to rally today against military committee meeting in
> Victoria
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> Canadian Press
> Saturday, September 8, 2007 – Page A10
> VICTORIA -- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization serves no useful
> purpose in the role it plays today and protesters this weekend will
> stress that point, a spokesman for a protest coalition said yesterday.
> "We're saying it no longer has any rationale for its existence the
> way it's being used these days," said Phil Lyons, a spokesman for a
> coalition of peace groups.
> While NATO leaders plot strategy this weekend in Victoria, the
> protesters plan a mass rally starting at noon in front of the
> legislature, a short distance from the meeting.
> "Remember it's their forces that usually create the violence ... it's
> not necessarily, and very seldom, the people protesting that create
> violence."
> Mr. Lyons also had an ominous warning if the protesters aren't
> allowed to demonstrate peacefully: "If the police decide they're
> going to clear people up, [people are] going to fight back."
> NATO's military committee of 26 generals are gathering for what
> spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Tony White said will be a session
> discussing the organization's current and future operations.
> Col. White said Afghanistan will be a topic on the agenda but it's
> not the main item. The focus this weekend is larger than any single
> war zone, he said.
> "The discussions are going to be very strategic. It's going to be
> about how does NATO prepare itself and have the right capabilities
> for today, but more importantly, for future operations."
> Mr. Lyons predicted "bus loads" of people would gather at the
> legislature grounds for the "No to NATO" rally.
> The coalition wants NATO to disband because it says it is no longer a
> defence force, but is instead a puppet of the United States, he said.
> "NATO, which had some reason perhaps when it was first formed, some
> defensive reason, is no longer a defensive force. It's a force that
> uses its strength to follow the Americans' dictates in their attempts
> to build an empire."
> NATO forces have been responsible for much human suffering throughout
> the world, he said.
> "Essentially, they're using some of the worst armaments that have
> ever come along in terms of damaging the civilian populations of
> those countries," he said, referring to Kosovo and Afghanistan.
> The meeting takes place in the midst of a growing tension over the
> increasingly bloody war in Afghanistan.
> General Ray Hénault, chairman of NATO's military committee and former
> chief of Canada's defence staff, said the alliance has not received
> formal notice from the federal government that it intends to end its
> combat commitment as scheduled in February, 2009.
> He said the alliance anticipates there will be changes but has not
> begun the formal process of scouting out replacement nations.
> Last week, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Canada's current
> mission in its current "configuration" will be over in 2009.
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