[R-G] Youth & Student Acts: Get buses / antiwar march, Wash, 9-29

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Tue Sep 4 06:37:08 MDT 2007

Youth & Student Activists: Get your buses for the antiwar march on 
Washington - Saturday, September 29
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National March on Washington SEPT 29

SEPT 22-29
Washington DC - Los Angeles

Stop the War at Home & Abroad
Troops Out Now!
Impeach Bush & Cheney for War Crimes!
End All Occupations -- from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti to the Philippines!

Get your buses for the antiwar march on Washington - Saturday, September

Attention Students

-Campus-based groups
-Activists who work at schools
-Anyone associated with a campus community

You have less than one month to organize a bus (or buses) from your school

for the march against the war abroad and at home on Saturday September 29.

To get more information about the march, go to http://www.troopsoutnow.org

To get information about student organizing, and the student day or 
resistance go to http://youthantiwarweek.wordpress.com

Prior to the Sept. 29 march - there will be a week long encampment against

the war on the mall in front of the capital - starting on Saturday
22 - for more information the encampment go to:

Anyone can subscribe.  Send an email request to
Action.News-subscribe at organizerweb.com 

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