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North Coast Earth First!  Action is the antidote for despair!
November 2006


in this issue
:: North Coast Earth First! Media
:: Death in the family
:: Fern Gully
:: Nanning Creek & the "Spooner" tree
:: Civil suit against Trees Foundation continues

North Coast Earth First! Media
Interview with British Columbia Radio and more!

The NCEF! Media office continues to evolve as a resource for activists
in Northern Humboldt County, CA. Tree-sitters who make occasional ventures

into town are able to check their e-mail, make telephone calls, and work 
with their photos and video from the field, while us town-based direct 
support folks continue to gather donations and spread the word far and
Check out our most recent radio interview on CFUV, Radio Free Victoria, by

subscribing to our iTunes podcast.
If you don't have iTunes, you can download it for free here.
If you're using another podcatcher, here's the RSS feed.
Also, a local collective calling themselves "All Species Media" just had a

screening of several short films, many of which were partially produced
of the NCEF! Media office. You can check out their iTunes podcast here.

Help keep us going!

Fern Gully
Tree-village enters fourth winter

The Fern Gully tree-village continues, after being extended for another
last month, as we enter another wet Humboldt winter . Located above the 
Garfield Elementary school, Fern Gully contains at least a dozen Old
Redwood trees, and should be protected, not only for the endangered
of plants and animals who live there, yet also for the generations of 
children who will be cycling through Garfield Elementary School. Should
children of today and tomorrow have to look at another clearcut every day,

or should they have the rare opportunity of seeing one of the last ancient

old growth forests left on Earth alive on the hillside obove their school?

Call Pacific Lumber Co., at (707) 764-2222, and encourage them to save
Gully, Timber Harvest Plan #01-446. A substantial offer might convince 
Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Co. to sell the grove, as they did with Julia 
Butterfly and the "Luna" grove. Maxxam/PL have not been "willing sellers" 
since the Luna tree-sit, yet a real offer might tempt them to do so again.
If you're not in a position to make such an offer, then you can always
wool and other donations, and help carry the folks in Fern Gully through 
another wet and cold Humboldt County winter! Earth First!

Visit the Fern Gully website

Civil suit against Trees Foundation continues
For those of you wondering, the civil suit against the Trees Foundation is

still progressing. Radio interviews, mostly with people only involved in
periphery, have been full of disinformation (getting the basic facts
and mudslinging, which we will not engage in. We will keep you updated on 
the status of this lawsuit, and hope for a quick resolution, although we 
have no reason to expect one so far. Very sad.

  Death in the family
Jamie "Root" McGuinn passes away in motorcycle accident with logging truck

We are very sad to report the passing of a fellow activist, Jamie "Root" 
McGuinn. The following is an e- mail from his mother: "I don't know how
are left there who knew my son Jamie McGuinn, who had the tree name Root.
was a tree sitter in the Mattole for a couple of years until Aradia and
other trees were cut on Gypsy Mounain. I have the sad job of letting you 
know he was killed in an accident Oct. 5, 2006. I went out to visit him 
during a training camp at Swimmer's Delight State Park a couple of years 
ago. During the two weeks I was there I was impressed by the wonderfully 
dedicated young men and women who risk so much for God's beautiful
I remember a few names from my visit; Cottonwood and his wife and their 
beautiful baby, Lorax, Jemima, Sorry, Muddy, Turtle, Lizard, and Raven. 
There are many more and I can see your faces in my mind but can't recall 
your names. Root spent the last two years of his life fighting for our
in the coal fields of West Virginia and here in the mountains of North 
Carolina that we call home. He had started to school at ABTech in
and was returning to school after coming home to Boone, NC for his Dad's 
birthday and a demonstration against a corrupt earth-destroying developer 
when he was hit on his motorcycle and killed instantly by a logging truck.

We miss him terribly and it doesn't seem possible that this happy fun
force for positive action could actually be gone. He loved to cook, some
you might remember how every night he would cook for the whole camp at the

training camp. He was going to culinary school and was really excited
it. I hate to think about the good he could have done if he hadn't been 
taken so soon, too soon. Well, my thoughts are often with all of you, be 
safe and keep up the good fight. Much Love, Cinda McGuinn
We Love You, Root!
Safe travels through the spirit world, you'll live forever in our hearts

Check out Mountain Justice Summer and help continue Root's work

Nanning Creek & the "Spooner" tree
Tree-village persists and needs your help!

Logging has resumed in the Nannig Creek Timber Harvest Plan #05-079, named

"Bonanza" by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Co., most likey due to the huge amount
money they anticipate making by clearcutting these ancient trees. Located 
near Nanning Creek, just above the timber-town of Scotia, CA, activists
been residing in the "Spooner" and other surrounding trees, in efforts to 
save some of the oldest trees local activists have ever seen!
The folks in the Nanning Creek tree-village need your support, so please 
help if you can!

Spooner Direct Website

Well, the rains have begun to fall in Humboldt County, California, making 
things a whole lot tougher for everyone. We're somewhat used to it, yet it

does create a need for more support from abroad, since tabling in the rain

is impractical and not very productive, usually. The people have given the

GOP a symbolic defeat, and now we will have to deal with the "Democratic" 
version of the New World Order agenda, with top Dems already saying that 
impeachment is "off the table" and a "waste of time." In other words, it 
will be business as usual, with a different spin, so keep on digging in, 
folks, and keep pushing onward and upward. The people have spoken, and
the New World Order crowd somewhat of a humiliating defeat, yet the
continues, and can be even trickier under a supposed "democratic"
Resist and Rebel!

Forever Wild,

Shunka Wakan
North Coast Earth First!
email: shunka_wakan at northcoastearthfirst.org
phone: (707) 822-1513
web: http://www.northcoastearthfirst.org

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