[R-G] Meetings in GUjarat Condemning death sentence of Saddam Hussain

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President- Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer,Former Judge , Supreme Court of India

General Secretary-Dr. Sushil Kumar Mukherji,

Former Vice – Chancellor, University of  Calcutta and University of Kalyani



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 A special meeting of the  Gujarat chapter of All India Anti-imperialist Forum met in Ahmedabad to discuss on the death sentence  of Saddam Hussain and three others by the kangaroo court. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Dilip Chandulal  The following resolution was passed in the meeting .

The resolution condemns the death sentence against President Saddam Hussain, Head of a sovereign state, and three others, and prison sentence against several Iraqi leaders, passed by the kangaroo court set up by the imperialist invaders. This conspiracy is engineered by the Bush-Blair led imperialist alliance which staged the show of a trial to deliver a pre-planned verdict. It is George Bush, Tony Blair and their henchmen who should be tried as war criminals for invading a sovereign country and perpetrating genocide of the Iraqi people. The All India Anti-imperialist Forum calls upon the freedom loving people of all countries to rise up in protest against this travesty of justice and to demand that the death sentences against President Saddam and others are rescinded and all of them be immediately set free; the imperialist invaders must withdraw from Iraq, so that the sovereign democratic rights of the Iraqi people are restored and they can decide on their own fate. We congratulate the Iraqi people for their valiant fight against the imperialist forces of occupation who are dealt many crushing blows. At the same time we condemn the compromising, week-kneed and ambivalent policies of the Indian Government on this issue and urge the Indian people to force the Government to take an unequivocal stand against imperialist manoeuvres and forcefully demand in all international forums immediate suspension of the death sentences and withdrawal of US-UK led occupation forces from Iraq.

             The meeting was attended by citizens  representing from all walks of life.

 Meeting at Baroda

 A special meeting was held in Baroda on10th. November at Bhoomi Putra office. SrI Kiritbhai Bhatt    known human right activist presided over the meeting Prof..Dr.J Bandukwall. Sri Jagdish bhai Shah,and many others attended the meeting. A resolution was passed condemning the death sentence

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