[R-G] Foil conspiracy of US imperialism to wipe out Socialist North Korea

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Imposition of brigandish sanctions
Foil conspiracy of US imperialism to wipe out Socialist North Korea
On 9th of October last, Socialist North Korea after having exhausted all
possible means to thwart the devious posture and belligerent intentions of
the US imperialists and their allies to subvert her sovereignty and destroy
her socialist system,  detonated its first nuclear device. "The US extreme
threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure compel the DPRK (North
Korea) to conduct a nuclear test, an essential process for bolstering
nuclear deterrent, as a corresponding measure," said North Korea in a
release to the press on 3rd October. "The Korean nation stands at the
crossroads of life and death...A people without a reliable war deterrent are
bound to meet a tragic death, and the sovereignty of their country is bound
to be wantonly infringed upon." observed the socialist North Korean
government in a communiqué after the test blast.
   Prior to carrying out this nuclear test, the North Korean government duly
informed the world about this imminent step to enhance her defence and
conducted the operation in such a manner as to ensure no radioactive
fallout. North Korea made it amply clear that she would never use nuclear
weapons first and would "do its utmost to realize the denuclearization of
the peninsula and give impetus to the worldwide nuclear disarmament and the
ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons."

Belligerent and hostile postures of US towards North Korea
Those who are aware of history know that right from the day North Korean
people embraced socialism in the post-second world war period; US
imperialists were bent upon toppling her socialist system using the
successive autocratic South Korean governments as the main prop and finding
in Japan an accomplice in the Devil's mission. North Korean people had
experienced the barbarism of the US imperialists when the latter in 1950
launched a diabolic war of aggression against their motherland that
continued for three long years. On average, 800 tons of bombs were dropped
per day. A particular type of petrol jelly was mixed with the explosives
that stuck to the skin and caused excruciating pain leading to death. Over 4
million people became victims to this bestial savagery marks of which are
still there. Even when, after failing to make the socialist state and her
people to kneel down before them, the US imperialists were forced to arrive
at a truce, they continued to give threat of nuclear warfare against her.
Under pressure from the US, a proposal was then passed in the general
council of UN to depute an international army to stand by South Korea.
Masquerading as UN force, it was US army which made a permanent base in
South Korea to keep DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) under their
military radar and perpetuate tension around the border of the two Koreas.
Right now, they have kept North Korea encircled with naval armada of guided
missiles, destroyers, bombers and fighter squadrons, nuclear weapons and
around 40,000 troops stationed in South Korea. Apart from all this, the US
regime has even placed nuclear weapons in South Korea and conducts regular
joint military exercises with South Korea to keep alive the threat of
hostile action. In 1998, US imperialists from an air base in North Carolina
conducted a mock-test of nuclear attack on North Korea. Divided in three
groups, US recently held mega-scale military exercises in West Pacific
Ocean. Only in June last, the Bush administration had undertaken a test of
'Minuteman 3', a latest destroyer missile in the Korean peninsula.
Imperialist bloc led by US imperialism has also been using South Korean
government to the hilt in pursuing hostilities against North.
Thus North Korea has been virtually under siege from the US imperialists and
their associates pushing for a war of aggression including nuclear warfare
to exterminate her.

Imperialists headed by US imperialists got shaken
The imperialist-capitalist world headed by US imperialism was flabbergasted
as well as took umbrage at such 'insolence' of a tiny socialist state to
challenge its brute military might in the unipolar world. "North Korea has
defied the will of the international community and the international
community will respond" warned Bush, the butcher and the most flagrant
violator of international laws, rules, norms and conventions in perpetrating
heinous war crimes disdaining world public opinion. Immediately after this
nuclear test,  the US imperialists huddled up with their cohorts to
penalize, if not punish, North Korea for such a 'provocative' action that
" constitutes a threat to international peace and security" and moved United
Nations (UN), now known to the world populace as a rubber stamp of US
imperialism, for imposing stringent sanctions on her. US ambassador to UN
also openly declared that North Korea "will have to rue her decision to go

Imposition of atrocious sanctions
And to make their talks walk, Bush and his administration were galvanized
into rallying support for clamping a total economic and military sanction
against North Korea including inspection of all to and fro cargo. It needs
to be mentioned in this connection that UN had in last July banned at the
instance of US trading with North Korea in materials and technology for
missiles and weapons as well as transfer of money by member countries.
Besides, the US, Britain, South Korea and Japan have already put in place
bilateral sanctions. US move to thrust upon a total brigandish sanction this
time, however, received a jolt when capitalist Russia and China, leery of
greater US presence or influence in the region including interdiction of US
war vessels along their coasts and a further military build-up in South
Korea or Japan lest their hegemonistic interests in the region are impaired,
did not agree that sanctions should be far-stretched. Though the precise
details were fudged by all sides, it could be gathered that original US
sponsored resolution staunchly supported by Japan called for tougher
sanctions under chapter 7 of the UN charter, authorizing the use of military
force in the event of North Korea failing to comply with the terms. It was a
kind of resolution that was passed against Iraq before US invaded that
country under fraudulent pretext. China and Russia reportedly refused to
partake in some such measures.
When on 15th October, UN finally passed the resolution to impose further
sanctions, North Korea immediately rejected the same as "de facto
declaration of war" against her  and her UN ambassador walked out of the
chamber accusing the members of a 'gangster like action' that neglected the
nuclear threat posed by the US. Referring to its early statement issued on
3rd October stating that, going beyond the extremity, the Bush
administration had abused the idea of denuclearization set out by the DPRK
for isolating and stifling the ideology and the socialist system chosen by
its people, a DPRK foreign ministry said that "The DPRK had remained unfazed
in any storm and stress in the past when it had no nuclear weapon." ". (but)
can no longer remain an on-looker to the developments..It is quite
nonsensical to expect the DPRK to yield to the pressure and threat of
someone at this time when it has become a nuclear weapon state. ... DPRK's
nuclear weapons will serve as reliable war deterrent for protecting the
supreme interests of the state and the security of the Korean nation from
the U.S. threat of aggression and averting a new war and firmly safeguarding
peace and stability on the Korean peninsula under any circumstances. DPRK
will always sincerely implement its international commitment   in   the
field   of nuclear non-proliferation as a responsible nuclear weapons
state. .The DPRK wants peace but is not afraid of war," the spokesman added.
Since this nuclear test by North Korea has created some commotion in the
world mainly because of the barrage of propaganda released in the bourgeois
press suppressing the essential facts and holding her guilty of flouting
nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, it is essential to trace the background in
which she has been compelled to take such action.

Tale of nuclear blackmailing and war threat by US imperialism
One would recall that the world was exposed to the fallout of a nuclear
holocaust when the US imperialists razed to the ground the cities of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping two powerful atom bombs, killing
millions, crippling generations with radioactive radiations. So far US has
conducted as many as 1,054 tests by official count, which far exceed the
number of similar tests by others. Ever since devastation of
Hiroshima-Nagasaki had shaken the world, there was a worldwide demand for
curbing proliferation of nuclear weapon technology. In 1963, a treaty was
signed to ban atmospheric testing though underground test continued to be
allowed. After five years, in 1968, came the Nuclear Non-proliferation
Treaty or NPT. Curiously enough, NPT prohibited all non-nuclear weapon
states from possessing, manufacturing or acquiring nuclear weapons or other
nuclear explosive devices. The Treaty never explained why it discriminated
between 'nuclear weapon states' and 'non-nuclear weapon states'. Though 188
countries signed the treaty, India, Pakistan and Israel neither signed nor
ratified the treaty. Later, North Korea withdrew from the treaty.
Subsequently, following dismantling of the socialist camp, UN on 10th
September, 1996, adopted Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Treaty (CTBT) which was
signed by 176 but was ratified by 135 countries. US signed the treaty but
did not ratify it. Irked at this, India, Pakistan and North Korea rejected
the treaty.
All through this period, the US imperialists and their allies armed to the
teeth with all kinds of lethal weapons including nuclear arsenal have been
threatening other countries of armed interventions, star wars and nuclear
warfare if they dare to disobey their whips or oppose their hegemonistic
design and pursuit of imperial overstretch. From Asia, Africa to Latin
America, all the independent sovereign states reeled under this US threat of
'yield or perish'. US imperialists are openly saying that those not pliant
to  their  wishes  are  'enemy countries' and should be ready to face the
eventualities. They have thus arrogated to themselves the position of
international gendarme to take the whole world to their stride.

Manoeuvres of US imperialism to corner North Korea
Ever since this small but determined socialist North Korea declared in 1993
that she would leave NPT in protest against the imperialist design to disarm
other countries under the pretext of enforcing the Treaty while retaining
the right of the big imperialist countries to not only possess but even
augment their nuclear armoury, the Pentagon regime had been wrestling as to
how to deal with the challenge posed by her in case she does develop nuclear
weapons as a countervailing measure. US imperialists could make out that if
socialist North Korea emerged as a formidable power, it could well-nigh
jeopardize their ploy to flex nuclear muscle in making others submit before
them. So they were desperate to smash her socialist system by engineering
counter-revolution.  Under the sugar-coated slogan of reunification of two
Koreas, they were trying to accomplish this objective only. While on one
hand, they were pretending to be so eager to diffuse tension in the Korean
peninsula through diplomatic channel, they were trying to bully North Korea
by way of financial crackdown in the form of economic blockades   and
sanctions  as   well as  military  build-up  surrounding her.
In 1994, North Korea decided to cease membership of UN watchdog
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as she found it virtually a de
facto US-controlled body to undertake surveillance of nuclear preparations
of various countries and in the name of implementing peace process,
diplomatically dispossess them of their nuclear prowess. In February 1998,
South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung enunciated a new "Sunshine Policy" of
engagement with the DPRK. This policy set the stage for the first (and only)
inter-Korean summit, held in Pyongyang June 13-15, 2000. But subsequent
President Roh Moo-Hyun abandoned the name "Sunshine Policy." In 1999, US
imperialists even went to the extent of relaxing sanctions to check if this
peace manoeuvre   would   work   in trapping her. But this surfeit of
counterfeit overtures made no impact at all on socialist North Korea who
rejected all such camouflages and exposed the sinister design of the US
regime before the world.
Then when the 9/11 incident took place, Bush in his 2002 State of the Union
address named North Korea as a member of the 'axis of evils' alongside Iraq
and Iran. He also declared the policy of 'pre-emptive war' against target
countries with a view to bringing about 'regime change' there. The
intentions were too obvious. In late 2002, the world's attention was fixed
on the impending US military invasion of Iraq based on fabricated charge of
possession of WMD by the latter; North Korea picked up the signal of
Pentagon's subsequent move and expelled the inspectors of IAEA deputed to
carry out survey of her nuclear capabilities and departed from NPT for good.
Till that time, she continued to fulfil all her NPT obligations.
Following years saw a flurry of moves on the part of the US imperialists and
their allies to extract a promise by North Korea to shelve her nuclear
armament programme. For long North Korea had been insisting that to diffuse
tension and establish normalcy in the peninsula, US should give recognition
to her sovereignty, establish normal diplomatic relation between the two
countries and guarantee her security. But US imperialists turned a deaf ear
to this most reasonable proposal as they never intended any equitable or
just solution but were weaving cobweb to infringe upon North Korea's right
to exist. So they went on insisting on the framework of six-nation (US,
Japan, South Korea, Russia, China and North Korea) talk to apply combined
pressure on her to yield to their terms. Till 2005, North Korea participated
in these talks. But when the US imperialists branded DPRK as a 'criminal
state' and imposed sanctions preventing her access to international banking,
Pyongyang boycotted such talks. North Korea also correctly took note of the
fact that by undertaking similar steps in phases, US had first weakened the
economy of Iraq and then in the name of complying with IAEA directives made
Iraq destroy all its sophisticated weaponry. Once being sure of Iraq's
crumpling resistance capabilities, fiercest military offensive was launched
by Bush administration to occupy that independent sovereign state disdaining
world opinion and flouting all international rules and norms. North Korea
also saw how Iran which refused to oblige the despotic rulers of US was
arm-twisted on the false allegation of non-compliance with NPT safeguard
agreements and the IAEA norms and since then being warned of an Iraq-like
aggression. It was, therefore, clear to North Korea that unless she was
self-reliant in her defence mechanism, vulnerability to a possible US
sponsored offensive could not be averted. It may be added that immediately
after slapping sanctions against North Korea; US ambassador to UN told news
agencies, "I hope the lesson they learn is that if they continue to pursue
nuclear weapons, they will face the same kind of isolation and restrictions
that we have just imposed on the North Koreans." It is in this impelling
situation that North Korea had to develop and demonstrate her nuclear
prowess as counter-measure to aggressive imperialist policies.

Despicable role of Russia and China
In this connection, a mention must be made of the despicable role played by
both Russia and China turned into two formidable capitalist countries
following counter-revolution. Though for purely different reasons, they have
tried to dilute the intensity of US sponsored sanctions against North Korea,
they have joined the imperialist world in condemning North Korea for
reinforcing her defence against imperialist threat. A Chinese foreign
ministry statement on state television said DPRK "ignoring the general
concern of the international community, brazenly undertook the test.. China
strongly demands the DPRK side to undertake its commitment to the
non-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and stop all actions that can
lead to the deterioration of the situation." Equally despicable has been the
stand of Russia. "Russia certainly condemns the test conducted by North
Korea," President Putin told top Cabinet officials, "It doesn't just concern
North Korea; enormous damage has been done to the process of
non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the world." Thus both
the Russian and Chinese authorities have clearly bailed out the US pirates,
the perpetrators of all crimes and instead squarely put the blame on the
victim country for trying to resist. Glaringly they are hand-in-gloves with
the US in denying the socialist state her right to defend herself unless she
capitulates to the dictates of the superpowers and work against the interest
of the world people by giving up socialism.

Indian government aligned with US imperialism
Indian bourgeois government, now making no secret of its increasing pro-US
tilt and indomitable urge for emerging as a regional superpower with US
backing, accused Pyongyang of violating its "international commitments" and
"jeopardizing peace, stability and security on the Korean peninsula and in
the region" by testing a nuclear weapon. Thus it nakedly stood in support of
the US trampling underfoot the glorious anti-imperialist tradition of Indian
Not only the Indian bourgeois government, even the pseudo-Marxists like the
CPI (M), now an ally of the ruling dispensation  "deplored"  North Korea for
"such a destabilizing act". "The nuclear test conducted by the Democratic
Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) is an unfortunate act."  (People's
Democracy dated 15-10-06). CPI (M) leaders are often found to fulminate
against US imperialism. But one could see that when socialist country is
strengthening her socialist system and identity from naked aggression of US
imperialists, they find the act 'destabilizing, unfortunate and hence
deplorable. What is then the real colour of their demonstrative
anti-imperialism and where would such covert dalliance with the imperialist
suzerain lead them? We request the honest rank of the CPI (M) to ponder

Defending independence and sovereignty is inalienable right of every
We had in our detailed analytical discussion on the issue of India
government's succumbing to US pressure in voting against Iran at the IAEA
meeting (vide P Era, Vol. 39 No.5 Dated October 15, 2005) showed that "when
the brigands armed to the teeth are out on a prowl, mongering their power,
baring their tooth and claw and continuously resorting to nuclear
blackmailing, does not any independent sovereign country having minimum
self-respect and threatened of being attacked any time have the right to
defend itself? It is the imperialists who first developed nuclear weapons to
terrorize the world. The nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed
what devastation it could bring about to the life and property of people as
well as how it could cripple generations after generations with
radiation-born diseases. So the peace-loving people of the world stood up
and voiced demand for complete destruction of all nuclear weapons and total
disarmament. But trampling the public opinion, the US imperialists and their
associates are going on upgrading their nuclear armoury and asserting their
right to show red eyes to others; asking them to surrender or kneel down
before them as slaves or face the consequences. This gangsterism of US
imperialists armed with latest nuclear weaponry is escalating the
possibility of war, keeping the world environment surcharged and casting a
spectre of horror. So there is practically a polarization between the
and 'have-nots' of nuclear power with the 'haves' (i.e. possessors of
nuclear arms) issuing open threats to the 'have-nots' (i.e. non-possessors
of nuclear weapons) to either capitulate or perish. In such a situation, can
any of the nations or countries in the hit list of imperialist despots be
advised to quietly accept thralldom? No one would pay heed to that. They
will rise up and fight. If pursuit of hegemony, gangsterism and brigandage
of the imperialists led by US imperialists goes unabated and there is
persistent threat to the independence and sovereignty of the various
nations, then that will lead to fast proliferation of nuclear arms. It is
thus the international despotism and brigandage of the imperialists led by
the US imperialists which is the root cause of nuclear proliferation".

Viewpoint of North Korea
North Korea has also been arguing almost on the similar line. If the
robber-like theory that only big countries can possess nuclear weapons and
threaten and attack smaller or relatively weaker countries is connived at or
permitted any longer, that will, contends North Korea, drive the non-nuclear
states to the possession of a nuclear deterrent. The nuclear issue on the
Korean Peninsula, a focal point of the international community, is an
offspring of the U.S. policy of nuclear threat based on its deep-rooted
hostile policy toward the DPRK for over half a century, says North Korea and
that is nothing but the plain truth.
To the countries tamely surrendering to the policies of brigandage and
overlordism of US imperialism being overawed by the military might it
possessed, North Korea has been trying to point out that by urging her to
scrap her nuclear programme, disregarding the cause of occurrence of the
nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula cannot be intending for a true and
fair solution to the problem. She has been repeatedly stressing that
denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is her final goal and she intends
to realize it in a peaceful way through dialogue and negotiation. She would
as ever make persevering efforts to remove threat from outside forces and
ensure a durable peace on the Korean Peninsula. She has also been
legitimately demanding that the U.S. should promptly retract the hostile
policy toward her involving financial sanctions and human rights offensive
and approach the six-party talks with sincerity. Alongside, she is urging
the people to turn out in the struggle against bellicose attitude of US
imperialism, rise up in the fight to achieve peace and force the U.S. troops
out of South Korea under pressure of an anti-US imperialism and anti-war
struggle. (Source: Pyongyang, KCNA dated 18-10-06)
 So, what has been her fault or the 'alleged act of provocation' for which
the US gunboat pirates are so keen to punish her arraying their entire

International gangsterism patented by US imperialism
 The US imperialists loudly proclaim that they are the custodians of world
peace and countries like North Korea are 'Devil's abode'. But do facts
corroborate to that? Has North Korea ever sent her naval force studded with
deadly nuclear weapons to patrol along the shores of US? Did she send spy
aeroplanes to keep round the clock surveillance of its military built-up or
nuclear preparations?  Has she attacked or violated the airspace of any
sovereign country, strafed and raided others' territories, overrun integrity
and freedom of other countries? Which are the places that North Korea has
established her military bases to spring attack on foreign territories?
Which personnel of North Korean army have been charged of worst war crimes
like the ones in Vietnam, Rwanda, Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib? Which are the
military blocs like SEATO, CENTO, NATO etc. that have been formed by
socialist North Korea to conduct military assaults and orchestrate intrigues
in various parts of the world?
Anyone who has not bartered away   his   conscience   and common sense to
the vendors of 'dollar-democracy' would agree that no one other than the US
imperialists, the self-appointed guardian of the unipolar world, have the
sole propriety of all such patented acts of sustaining 'peace processes'.
What is then their propriety to fix others of such heinous crimes?

North Korea stands firm
It is heartening to note that North Korea is not bulging an inch or diluting
her stand. She contended that she needs nuclear arsenal to counter US
aggression. "The nuclear test is an expression of our intention to face the
United States across the nuclear table. what we want is security of the
(North), including guaranteeing of the system. we still have a willingness
to give up nuclear weapons and return to six-party talks as well. It's
possible whenever the USA takes corresponding measures. If the US keeps
pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of
war and will take a series of corresponding measures.   We are ready for
both dialogue and confrontation." Such has been her position in the face of
mounting threat from the imperialist world, visibly shaken at her defiance
of all dictatorial fiats that many other countries tamely surrendered to. In
Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, Kim Young Nam, second in command to
President Kim Jong Il, in reply to a query as to whether they would go for
more such tests, said that "The issue of future nuclear tests is linked to
US policy toward our country."
  The Korean people have been equally determined. TV stations around the
world beamed footage of massed ranks of North Koreans at a huge torch-lit
display of synchronized unity in capital Pyongyang on 9th October marking
80th   anniversary   of   the   "Down with Imperialism Union" founded by
Kim Il Sung, former President of North Korea and Kim Jong Il's father.  Kim
was  seen  being greeted  enthusiastically  and waving back. Even in a South
Korean poll published on 15th October, 43% of the respondents held US as
most to be blamed for the test blast while 14% picked up South Korean to be
responsible for that.

Absence of Socialist camp proving too dear
      It is increasingly becoming clearer to the world people how
devastating a blow has been the dismantling of the mighty socialist camp,
the bulwark of world peace, following worst revisionist conspiracy aided and
abetted by the imperialist bloc headed by US imperialism. Had the socialist
camp been in existence, could the US imperialists be so unbriddled in
pursuance of these hegemonistic expansionist policies? Could the toiling
millions round the globe feel so helpless, so perturbed before mounting
onslaught of the imperialist brigands? One would recall that to counter
nuclear blackmailing and as a deterrent to war threat, Soviet Union had to
develop nuclear weapons. But refuting the imperialist charge of forcible
imposition of communism upon the world by the socialist countries, great
Stalin, in the course of steering the soviet socialist state and world
proletarian revolutionary movement, said : If need be, USSR would give a
blank cheque that if attacked, she would only counter-attack. Otherwise she
would never touch anybody nor interfere in the internal affairs of any
country. But the imperialists should have to agree that they too would not
meddle in the domestic affairs of other states, force their presence in any
country to oppress the people there or annex any land. In fact, this was the
basis of the policy of peaceful co-existence that was formulated by the USSR
so as to preserve world peace and at the same time ensure that decision of
the people of each country to choose or sustain a social system of their
choice, free from the encumbrance or intervention by any other state. In
deference to the world public opinion, the socialist camp also demanded
total and complete disarmament including nuclear disarmament. But the
imperialist bloc headed by US imperialists never heeded to these proposals
leave apart abiding by them. Theirs have been an endeavour to buttress their
expansionist and hegemonistic aspirations, perpetuate partial and localized
wars, subvert freedom of others, install puppet governments in various
countries to facilitate neo-colonial exploitation and above all indulge in
all conspiratorial activities to subvert socialism. It is indeed encouraging
to the toiling people of the world that at least one of the tiny socialist
countries encircled by the imperialist powers and facing continuous threat
to her right to existence from US imperialism, the chieftain of world
imperialism, has the courage, grit and determination to stand firm in
resolve to safeguard socialism by foiling all sinister machinations of the
imperialist hawks and their accomplices.

Stand by gallant North Korea
Socialist North Korea, her people and government are in the midst of a life
and death struggle. It is not only a fight to defend their freedom and
territorial integrity, their  right to existence. It is a significant battle
to save the entire mankind from the strangulating  grip of the US
imperialist sharks and their cohorts. These imperialist vultures, unbriddled
in absence of the mighty socialist camp that provided bulwark of world
peace, want to turn the whole world into their fiefdom, hunting ground for
limitless barbaric loot and plunder, enslave and dehumanize the humanity,
suck out the last drop of blood from every human being to quench their
thirst for maximum profit.  No thinking person worth the name, no democratic
mind, no peace-loving man can afford to acquiesce to such a doom to mankind.
Brave North Korean people and their socialist North Korean government are
leading a historic struggle with exceptional grit and spunk to thwart this
menacing imperialist machination of spelling doom for the human race. This
is a struggle for emancipation of the toiling billions of the world from the
savagery of imperialist-capitalist oppression and suppression. It is,
therefore, incumbent on all toiling people  of  the  world  to  come  out
and resolutely stand by fighting North Korea and free humanity from the
clutches of imperialist death-merchants. In every country, the  working
people  must  close their rank and build up massive well-knit movement in
support of the gallantry of North Korea and frustrate  the  devilish
machination of US imperialism and its accomplices to wipe out this socialist
state which embodies the urges and aspirations of the toiling humanity.

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