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How to execute Saddam?, A recent tour around Iraq will be enough
Roads to Iraq
November 5, 2006

The reason I translated this because it is the best article written yet,
published on iraqirabita, the real name of the article is "Who will try
Chalabi, Talabani, Barazani, Mahdi Army, Badr Birgade".
Worth to say that the writer "Ali Al-Saraf" is one of the Iraqi
intellectuals who fled the country years ago for his opposition against
Saddam and Ba'ath party.
No argue.Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was "a dictator." .Well .
What then? He never claimed that he is a "democratic", the man did not
deceive anyone whatsoever, he is a decider. It was sufficiently clear,
during his trial, when all accusations addressed to he said: "I decided, and
I assume responsibility.", this is what it is. It was his right, by virtue
of his office, to decide.
Iraq, before Saddam, wasn't "Plato's utopia", to make his "dictatorship" to
an issue, there were no grounds to make democracy on the Western standard
benchmarks to judge any President in any other Arab country, or other
developing countries of the world, however, management requirements in Iraq,
still, and will remain, individual, and sometimes absolute strict
Democracy is not in any case, a grant..It is a project, like every other
project, it requires foundations and heralds of social, economic, cultural,
in the absence of such bases and introductions, democracy will be only
nonsense, that does not differ in substance, even elections nonsense, which
were conducted, unjustifiably, by Saddam regime or the occupation.
The foundations for building democracy in Iraq are not available yet.Yes,
there are grounds, as it is very clear now, for disasters, sectarian,
lootings, murder and torture, but there are no grounds to build democracy.
Not the economy, culture and the nature of social relations allow the
establishment of democracy.The Parliament nonsense and collaborators and
platitudes, these are not democracy. not even elections of bribes.
If so, no one should blame Saddam's dictatorship, in fact, it must be said,
"Thank you", "but" then later, what type of dictatorship?
The man was strict, he does not want his or prestige to be passed-on, and
passing on his prestige could mean death, no one can argue that.
He wanted us to respect his authority, place it above the shelf and out of
the controversy, that's it.
If  Iraqis commit today, and "under democracy" such heinous crimes against
each other, then why Saddam's regime would be blamed for his crimes?
What can be expected in a country that lacks the capabilities and mechanisms
for dialogue and acceptance of differences and pluralism, killings and other
Which is closer to the Arab and Islamic culture: Iraqi President to be the
embodiment of absolute authority "Harun-Ar-Rashid", Or the embodiment of the
Parliament of Athens?
Why, then, call Saddam after the crimes of his regime a dictatorship, in
what sense? According any model?
What is the basis of reference, which allows a court, came from a
post-globalization, to try "Haroon Rashid" on what he did?
Of course, the court trying Saddam, lack the legal basis and values, but
they dare to try a president with a law was enacted after the crime
occurred, even without taking into account that he exercised his authority
or defended.
While, after the occupation the government destroying whole cities to stop
the resistance, but it may not be for the President to decide the execution
of traitors -or-say fighters had ambushed him collaborating with a foreign
country was fighting a war against their own country!
How can such an absurdity, but the absurd? However, Saddam deserves to be
executed. But for reasons that have nothing to do with his dictatorship and
his crimes.
There are at least 10 reasons importantly; crimes of a different nature:
Here the list of real crimes committed by Saddam, and he committed them
alone with his full responsibility:
1- Saddam, even when he was a deputy, he nationalized Iraqi oil, the
unilateral unfair decision. This caused a lot of harm and damage to foreign
oil companies.
2- Launching an unfair campaign against illiteracy, even his intelligence,
were watching the children, in order to go to school, and even their parents
as well, the illiteracy rate dropped to less than 10% in a country that was
three-quarters are happy to live without reading and writing, most of the
people today known as the "Shiite majority."
It seems that the time has come to this "majority" in order to retaliate for
the suffering and bitterness incurred during that phase of the dark history
of dictatorship, especially since many of their children have become,
doctors and engineers without having committed any crime!
3- Issued a law to make education compulsory up to secondary school, thus
deprived hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families to benefit from the
decision instead of selling cigarettes in the streets.
4- Granting autonomy to the Kurdish people, said it was "a formality"
granting which gives authorities more than England gave to Wales, especially
since the Kurds in neighboring countries enjoy much greater rights and
subjected to persecution and discrimination.
He went on, and made Kurdish language a second language, compulsory to the
Iraqis to learn it, the rebuilt the Kurdistan region, borders controls which
deprived "War-lords" of Kurdish parties from living on the smuggling of
Granting newspapers published in Arabic and Kurdish, , which was regarded as
a flagrant violation of the rights of the Kurds to continue illiteracy.
Appointed a Kurdish deputy, while the "majority" of Kurds in Iraq want to
have the post of the president and the rights of the post of Foreign
Minister so "War-Lords" can smuggle oil, if possible!
5- Used the wealth of Iraq for the construction of industrial installations,
while it was necessary to focus on importing from abroad.
Granting peasants and farmers, according to the law violates all
international norms, agricultural land more than they can farm, and when
they failed, he supplied them with equipment and machinery and mechanisms.
Distributed free of charge refrigerators and televisions to the farmers to
force them to drink cold water in summer, and to follow up on television
programs, which deprived them of sleep early.
7- Free education system, converted universities into scientific
institutions and attracting expertise resulted in the emergence of scholars
in various fields of medicine, engineering, chemistry, electricity,
electronics, and other scientific fields, which was regarded as a deliberate
distortion of the national potential and malicious attempt to brain washing.
8- Issued a law to ensure the civil rights of women and ensure equality,
which could not be seen as an affront to the values and traditions of the
Arab and Islamic ancient!
9- Wanted Iraq to be a regional superpower, possess weapons of mass
destruction and a factor of balance with the Israeli forces and defying its
arrogance, what was the great international.
10- It is true that he spent money on construction projects uncontrollably,
but he did not looted one cent, did not allow any of his officials to have
accounts in foreign banks, thus many of the campus activists and
nationalists to take advantage of their funds and the proceeds.
Not so for a fair trial of such crimes to take into consideration? Such a
criminal, deserves dictator and tyrant deserves executions 20th time.
Nevertheless, there is a reason to keep alive:
Torturing him in a tour around Iraq, to see with his own eyes the bodies
that are burning in the Interior Ministry.
To see how many university professors are still alive in Iraq.
To see how hospitals are functioning.
To see displaced children who have returned to selling cigarettes in the
To see how houses get few hours of electricity per day, after spending 2
billion dollars on "reconstruction "projects.
To see how billions to convert external accounts for scrap deals,
To see ethnic massacres that killing dozens daily,
To see what remains of the rights of the "noble women"
To see how can self-govern become as separation.
To see parties calling itself the "Shiite" and "Sunni" and says they are
To see how dead bodies being displayed.
To see with your own eyes what democracy means.
Then, he will die with tears in his eyes saddened; he will die with a heart
But he will know that he wasn't a dictator is sufficiently, The Iraqis
deserves the occupation.

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