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(We enclose copy of a letter dated 23rd July 2004 addressed to the
honourable prime minister by Shri Nihar Mukherjee, General
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Subject: SUCI on INDIAN HOSTAGES IN IRAQ Letter to Prime Minister of India

(We enclose copy of a letter dated 23rd July 2004 addressed to the
honourable prime minister by Shri Nihar Mukherjee, General Secretary of the
SUCI, expressing grave concern at the news of abduction of three Indians by
a radical Iraqi outfit which is a fallout of the policy of appeasement of
the US  regime that the erstwhile BJP-led NDA government had adopted and the
present Congress-led UPA government has been continuing, and urging upon the
UPA government to forthwith reverse this policy and stand by the side of the
Iraqi freedom fighters.)

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Date.. 23 July, 2004

The Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
            We are gravely concerned at the news of three Indian citizens,
Antaryami, Tilak Raj and Sukhdev Singh, having been taken hostage by an
Iraqi radical group, for, what it said, "transporting goods, weapons and
military equipment that backs the US army". You are well aware that when the
previous BJP-led NDA government showed inclination towards sending troops to
Iraq in support of the US-led occupation army, the whole country rose in
protest and demanded of the government to abandon any such move forthwith.
In the face of severe public outrage, the BJP-led NDA government did not
dare to deploy forces.
            But when the report of beheading of captured occupation army
soldiers by Iraqis made the headlines, it was revealed that besides regular
army, the US-led invaders had employed a large number of mercenaries
recruited on contract basis from private army operators. At that time, it
also came to light that several hundred Indians are also forming part of
this private army let loose on the patriotic Iraqi people.  This back-door
help and assistance extended to the US-led invaders who defrauded the whole
world by launching a unilateral armed aggression on sovereign Iraq under
concocted pretext of destroying WMD, also received severe indignation and
wrath from the countrymen.
            Now there is a change at the centre and the UPA government under
your stewardship has taken over. But we regret to observe that your
government too, apart from indulging in some apparent demagogic exercises,
did not announce any reversal of policy on the Iraq issue. On the contrary,
your government by allowing the puppet regime of Iraq to open a consulate in
Mumbai, accorded de facto approval to the heinous crime perpetrated by the
US-led occupiers. Moreover, when the Bush administration, under public
pressure, had to, as a face-saving device, bring UNO into the picture and
sought to impress as if UNO would henceforth handle the affairs in Iraq
including installation of a government compliant to US dictates, Shri Natwar
Singh, honorable Minister of foreign affairs, in utter disregard to the
nefarious US design, remarked that there was a change in the context and
hence the question of sending Indian soldiers to Iraq could be re -examined.
This, you know, created a furore among the people, expressively
anti-imperialist in their views and the government, in the name of providing
clarifications had to subtly dissociate itself from what Shri Singh had
uttered. Further the subservient Allawahi government of Iraq also made
requests to a few countries including India for deployment of troops. All
these have naturally infuriated the Iraqi freedom fighters engaged in a
fierce battle to free their motherland from the tentacles of alien invasion.
The recent incident of abduction of three Indians connected with transport
service provided to the US-led occupation army is a fallout of turning the
patriotic Iraqi people hostile by pursuing a brazen pro-US policy.
            We demand that your government honours the voice of the
peace-loving democratic-minded Indian citizens, pulls out all the Indian
personnel pressed into action in favour of US-led brigands and puppet
government of Iraq, withdraws all assistance and suspends all services
committed to the occupiers and their protege government.
            We urge upon your government to compel the US-led invaders to
unconditionally release Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq and withdraw
from Iraq forthwith. We also call upon your government to wholeheartedly
stand by the freedom-fighters of Iraq waging a heroic battle to oust the
aggressors and restore the sovereignty of their motherland.
            Expecting early action and a reply.
Sincerely yours,
Nihar Mukherjee
General Secretary

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