[R-G] Bush signs legislation confiscating Indian land

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   Bush signs legislation confiscating Indian land 
by Jerry Reynolds, Indian Country

July 9, 2004

WASHINGTON -- One of the largest ongoing seizures of Indian land in modern 
times will move forward following President George W. Bush’s signing of the 
Western Shoshone Distribution Bill on July 7.

Under provisions of the bill, Western Shoshone claims to 24 million acres of 
land in Nevada, Utah, California and Idaho, based on the Ruby Valley Treaty 
of 1863, are officially subsumed through payment by the U.S. government.

The bill will forcibly distribute approximately $145 million in funds awarded 
the tribe by the Indian Land Claims Commission. Most of it will go to 6,000 
or so eligible tribal members, with a separate revenue stream set aside for 
educational purposes.

The commission acted on findings that following the Ruby Valley Treaty, which 
permitted non-Indian miners access to the tribal lands, a "gradual 
encroachment" took place that supposedly nullified the treaty.

According to the government the "gradual encroachment" theory obviated any 
need for official cession of land by sovereign Western Shoshone governments, 
a sticking point to this day with foes of the funds distribution.



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