[Marxism] Eagleton and religion

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Tue Jan 24 10:21:43 MST 2012

"Santayana holds that there is no God, and that Jesus is his prophet."---Will Durant
The proposition of atheism sitting alongside respect and reverance for religion can be found on both sides of the political fence. Carlyle slammed the "weak-soup" Anglicanism of his day for not inspiring the faithful, nor maintaining one of the pillars that made Great Britain great, while acknowlodging that "religious belief in our days is possible only to those ignorant of scientific discovery." Norman Podhretz once published an essay in COMENTARY entitled "Why Religion is Good for the Jews", while expressing no belief in Judaism himself. His partner-in-crime Irving Kristol, in a similar vein boasted that  he "had never set foot in a synagogue in his life." Yet, there were and are atheist rabbis, some of whom played an important role in the US civil rights movement. In the "existentialist Christianity" of Paul Tillich religion becomes "a series of questions, rather than a set of answers." In Catholic Liberation Theology Jesus becomes, quite literally,
 a comunity organizer, not a transcendent being. Perhaps B.F. Skinner should have the last word on this topic: "God is a verb, not a noun."

Well Dawkins is hardly unique in holding such a view of religion.
One of the Catholic atheists that I mentioned earlier, Santayana
held a similar view too. I and Mark Lindley, in our essay,
"Six Prominent American Freethinkers" 
(http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2008/fl161208.html), noted:

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