[Marxism] West Coast Longshore Battle Reaching Critical Point

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:37:42 MST 2012

The ILWU is in a critical battle in the ag-industrial port of
Longview, WA, which is downstream on the Columbia River from Portland,
OR.  A new grain terminal has been built by a corporate outfit named
EGT which is trying to break the solid ILWU hold on West Coast docks
by using the Operating Engineers as a company union to break the ILWU
closed shop and pay lower wages.  A huge historic fight was waged in
the 30s to unionize the docks and ships of the West Coast culminating
in 1934's Pacific Coast Maritime Strike which expanded into a general
strike in San Francisco in which a number of workers were killed.  It
is absolutely vital that labor and the community at large unite in
solidarity with this fight as the Occupy Oakland movement did.
According to this ILWU press release, the first ship is set to dock at
EGT's dock in Longview shortly.


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