[Marxism] Breaking-Light-Speed l?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 09:56:22 MDT 2011

Speaking of Russians, when the USSR was still a going concern, they used to
organize the most quirky conferences. As we all know, the USSR pretty much
had the highest level of astrophysicists and was a true science-driven
society (will all the warts and blemishes that existed there).

A *large* section of the Soviet academy *rejected* some of Einsteinium
physics. They would have conferences organized with papers *against* E=MC2.
Many geologists rejected the idea of fossil-fuel being from, well, fossils
and think the whole thing is bogus and oil originates in mantel and lower
levels of the Earths crust. And, dozens of other what we in the West cal
"junk science". Some of this stuff is carried over to this day in "modern",
post-Soviet Russia.


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