[Marxism] Calls needed today: Drop the first degree larceny charge against Tanya McDowell! *please forward*

Christopher Hutchinson christopher.hutch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 07:14:44 MDT 2011

*please forward widely*

*What:* National call in day for Tanya McDowell! Drop the first degree
larceny charge! Seeking education is not a crime!
*When:* Monday, Sept. 12, all day (Feel free to call in other days too)

Dear sisters and brothers,
Tanya McDowell's attorneys are asking that we call in to the state's
attorney and supervising state's attorney demanding that sister McDowell's
first degree larceny charge be dropped. We just received a new call in
number. Below you will find an overview of the case and a sample call in

If you or your group would like to endorse or be a part of the defense
committee please send an email to TanyaMcDowellDefense at gmail.com

in solidarity,

Tanya McDowell Defense Committee

*Call in #:
State's Atty Kevin Kane;           860-258-5800   *
*Supervising Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Vieux, Esq;
*Overview of the case:
*In Connecticut, Tanya McDowell, a homeless mother, faces up to 20 years in
prison and a $15,000 fine as a result of enrolling her son in her baby
sitter’s school district. Prosecutors claim McDowell “stole education” from
the Norwalk school district. McDowell’s son was living in Norwalk at a
babysitters house. Authorities still demand that she should have enrolled
her five year old son in Bridgeport where McDowell had last resided.
According to the Norwarlk Patch, “In nearly all other cases in Norwalk,
school officials find out that the child is from out of the district, and
they decline to bring the matter to prosecutors or even ask the parents for
Why Tanya McDowell, why now? As McDowell was completing a drug
rehabilitation program police approached her to act as an informant or
snitch on drug dealers and users in the Norwalk community. McDowell refused
to work with the police and on April 14, 2011 she was arrested on first
degree larceny charges for sending her son to school out of district. Since
being released on bail McDowell has been targeted by police, incarcerated,
and separated from her son.
McDowell’s story speaks volumes about the real motivation for the so-called
drug war. The criminalization of an entire community via surveillance,
entrapment of vulnerable users, and mass incarceration has been used as a
system of racial control and discrimination. In Tanya McDowell’s case, she
is being further penalized for trying to better her son’s chances of
escaping a community where the police operate in this fashion.
*Call in #:*

*State's Atty Kevin Kane;             860-258-5800*

*Supervising Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Vieux, Esq;
203-847-4527      *

*Sample call:*

The case of Tanya McDowell deeply concerns me. Ms. McDowell is being treated
unjustly and I am opposed to any attempt to criminalize people for seeking
education. Ms. McDowell's son was living in Norwalk, CT and should have been
able to attend Norwalk schools regardless of where his mother, a homeless
woman, resided.

In addition, the treatment of Tanya McDowell is in consistent with the past
actions of the city of Norwalk. According to the Norwalk Patch, "In nearly
all other cases, school officials find out that the child is from out of the
district and they decline to bring the matter to prosecutors or even ask the
parents for money."

I am asking that the first degree larceny charge against Ms. McDowell be
dropped immediately.
Furthermore, due to the controversy and divisions this case has created in
the Norwalk community Ms. McDowell will be
unable to obtain a fair hearing. Therefore, I am asking that any further
proceedings be held in Stamford, CT.
Thank you for your consideration.

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