[Marxism] Bay Area Occupy news

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 15:32:39 MDT 2011

It's Quan's own darn fault.  This "progressive Democrat" could tell us what
actually happened, but she hasn't.  Instead Quan has stuck four-square for
the OPD.  Quan and Democrats like her deserve everything coming their way.
Not "out of hand at all".

The objective impact of OWS intransigence on the left is essentially this:
Break with the Democratic Party.  Want "demands"?  By its mere existence,
that is in practice the unwritten demand of OWS.  That's got the Democratic
Party left squirming in their seats.

Watch how the Democratic party Left relates itself to OWS.  Not a pretty

I'll be there on Nov 2nd.  Donating a 2nd tent.


"Apparently, the Mayor of Oakland was in DC when all the police
repression occurred. Word has it the mayor got the order to crackdown
from DHS or some other federal authority.

"Things got out of hand the other night when the Mayor tried to speak
at the GA. She wanted to speak out of turn and got verbally abused,
including some racist comments.  She was run off the stage.

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