[Marxism] Britain (and U.S.) decomposition

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 14:55:20 MDT 2011

From: Louis Proyect 
> (This is an excerpt from "Broken Britain: Nothing is left of the family
> silver", an article in the latest Harper's by Ed Vulliamy that is behind
> a paywall. As I read it, I was struck by how much the U.S. was following
> the same path. Just as the U.S. modeled itself on the British Empire in
> the 19th and 20th centuries, so it would seem to be following it into
> the trashbin in the 21st.)

I've been struck by the number of British migrants I've been meeting recently who have quoted the shitty British economy as the reason for them leaving. It would be interesting to see if emigration rates have actually increased over the last few years, or whether this is an accidental sample.

Of course, these days Australia isn't actively recruiting immigrants like it did in the 40s and 50s, so the influx of escaped British people won't be as obvious as it once would have been.

Ireland is probably bleeding people too.

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