[Marxism] Rally for Occupy Wall Street in Newton, NJ

Thomas Bias tgbias at ptd.net
Sat Oct 15 16:46:11 MDT 2011

About 100-125 people rallied in the Town Square of Newton, NJ (population
under 20,000) this afternoon, Saturday 15 October. Speakers included all
three Democratic candidates for the NJ State Legislature in the 24th
District (Ed Selby for State Senate, Jim Nye and Leslie Meyer Huhn for State
Assembly), though none of them promised "vote for me and I'll fix
everything"; Mike Sidoti, executive vice president of the New Jersey State
Industrial Union Council and Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 877;
Evangeline "Litsa" Binder, a founder of the Northwest New Jersey Peace
Fellowship; and Ginger Heatter, an unemployed former professor from Cornell,
who also chaired the rally. I spoke briefly and performed several of the
songs that I've written, including the "Foreclosure Song," and "The Golden
Bull," which was inspired directly by Occupy Wall Street. This is a
semi-rural area, where Republicans hold all the elective offices, and will
probably continue to do so; however, people here are angry and taking
action. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. Tom

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