[Marxism] WA Socialist Alliance leaders continue to target dissident member

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Wed Oct 12 02:26:20 MDT 2011

A Reality Check Number Two

The Qld Greens to which Shane Hopkinson may still belong has a 10
point disciplinary and expulsion section :

The first section is a standard regulation:
"11.1. The State Council may expel, suspend or censure any Member if
their conduct is considered to be inconsistent either with the
Charter, the Constitution, Code of Ethics, or the policy frameworks of
the Greens (or it brings The Greens into disrepute or is contrary to
the interests of The Greens)."

The Socialist Alliance has a three point membership perspective and
the first point parallels the constitution of the Greens:
"5.4 A financial member who through their actions brings the Alliance
into disrepute or who engages in behaviour that is considered to be
detrimental to the best interests of the Alliance, may be asked by the
branch executive or the National Executive to show cause within 30
days why the member’s membership should not be suspended or cancelled.
The relevant branch or the National Executive shall after that time
make a decision to maintain, suspend or cancel that person’s

Now if Shane wants to argue that a political party -- ANY political
party --  has no right whatsoever to decide on its membership. Then
let's hear it. Otherwise let's spare this list his strident  diatribe.

dave riley

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