[Marxism] WA Socialist Alliance leaders continue to target dissident member

Graham Milner gkmilner at eftel.net.au
Tue Oct 11 09:10:25 MDT 2011

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From: "Joanne Gullion" <claraescher at yahoo.com>

> Thank you Shane.  I for one don't really want to hear about some group's 
> dispute concerning "erotica/pornography".

You surprise me, citizen.    Certainly the radical-feminist, or 
radical-feminist-influenced, elements who were evidently behind the 
Socialist Alliance/Resistance-sponsored 'educational-seminar' on '"Raunch 
Culture", Porn [sic] and Women's Liberation', held here in Western Australia 
a month or two ago did consider this issue of sufficient importance to 
organise the public meeting in Fremantle.   I know of at least one other 
meeting with a similar title held recently by Socialist Alliance/Resistance 
in this country - in Brisbane.

The radical-feminist agenda has nothing to do with socialism.   To radical 
feminists, men are the enemy, not the social structures of class society 
that are in fact responsible for oppressing women.   Radical feminism is a 
bourgeois ideology and its exponents have no interest in doing away with 
capitalism or establishing political links with the working class or the 
labour movement.   These people have no solution to the woman question.   In 
my opinion, socialist women (and Marxist women in particular) should sharply 
combat the influence of radical feminism from within the independent women's 
movement, and indeed wage ideological warfare on this bourgeois trend.

- Graham Milner 

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