[Marxism] WA Socialist Alliance leaders continue to targetdissident member

Graham Milner gkmilner at eftel.net.au
Tue Oct 11 08:40:33 MDT 2011

> Is there a reason why socialists feel that this is a valid contribution to
> debates on Marxmail.
> Shane

Yes.   Any socialist who values freedom of discussion  and who upholds the 
principle of democratic procedures in the internal affairs of socialist 
organisations will be concerned with the way that democratic debate in the 
Australian Socialist Alliance has been suppressed in this instance.   There 
are activists on the left in Australia who have maintained for a 
considerable length of time that the informal faction currently in control 
of the Socialist Alliance (ie. the ex-Democratic Socialist Perspective) has 
a history of stifling internal debate and/or expelling or excluding 
dissident members.

The labour movement internationally must defend and promote internal 
democracy and freedom of debate and discussion, not necessarily as an 
abstract principle, but because such an organisational formula is the most 
efficacious method of advancing the cause of the working class.

- Graham Milner 

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