[Marxism] Occupy Cincinnati moves 1000-1200

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 14:48:27 MDT 2011

I was too busy to have breakfast before the demonstration, and got there
around 10:30 am for the 11 am rendezvous.  I fuilly expected to be speaking
around noon, after which I could nab a sandwich and enjoy the rest of the

However, they planned a long zigzag march through the downtown first and
they didn't get that underway until 1:30 pm.  It did not reach Fountain
Square until around 3:30 pm.  I met a surprising number of former students
from years past and marched with a group of unemployed veterans.  The
police, fire, postal, mass transit--almost every public employee we
encountered was openly sympathetic and supportive.

My guesstimate was that we had around 1200 total.  I was almost half way
back in the march when the person doing the nose count reached 500, so that
meant something like 1000 with change on the march.  There were a few
hundred others at the Square who didn't do the march.  The march fatigued
and lamed many of the people my age (though Dan LaBotz seems to have held up
very well).  Confident that our politics would be well represented, I limped
off around 4 pm in search of water and a very late breakfast.

The earlier confidence I expressed in the group's instincts have been more
than confirmed.  There are logistical lessons to be learned, but what I
could see of their political approach was terribly sophisticated.   At the
end of the long march, I sat with a number of people a bit older than
me--retirees who were actually discussing whether or not the movement would
come to a revolution as it has overseas.  This contributed to my rather
surreal disorientation.


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