[Marxism] Steve Jobs

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 6 07:47:51 MDT 2011

As the mainstream media and sundry commentators don their black
arm-bands to mourn the passing of Steve Jobs, let's not forget some
other things, as outlined in the article below. I've never had any
time for these philanthropic capitalists, salving their conscience and
buffing up their image through charitable donations and 'right-on'
gestures, whilst denying basic rights to the workers in their or their
sub-contractors' employ.

Paul F


'None of the eulogies for Steve Jobs are likely to have much to say
about the people who made his fortune writes Liam Mac Uaid. Apple has
pioneered an aggressive anti-union strategy both in the Chinese
factories that manufacture its gadgets and the Apple stores that sell
them. The company’s story is more one of hyper-exploitation than
affable geekery.

'An article in the Financial Times (FT) lifted the lid on just how
Steve Jobs’ “readiness to humiliate and embarrass others” keeps
Silicon Valley psychologists busy restoring the mental health of his
former employees; how he has created a company which drives
hyper-exploited workers in Chinese factories to suicide and grinds
profits out of the university graduates who work in his shops
“counting their blessings to have a job”.

'Just because Jobs and his company make the cutting edge technological
status symbols of the 21st century there is no reason they can’t
resemble the mill owners of 19th century Manchester.'

Read it all at < http://socialistresistance.org/2457/apples-rotten-core >.

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