[Marxism] Occupy Wall Street

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 4 16:09:44 MDT 2011

All the best to American comrades involved in the "Occupy Wall Street"
movement. This is truly the news millions and millions across the globe
have been waiting for.

It will hopefully herald a new era of international, concerted efforts
on the part of workers the world over to "go beyond" Capitalism and
wage-labour, a mode of production whose inner contradictions are now
immediately apparent to all.

There appears to be a way out for maintaining Capitalism, and that is of
course through massive government intervention. But can it restore
profitability to corporations ? Hmm ... As in the 1930s, the system
seems to have hit a rock, in that profits keep declining, despite the
intensification of efforts to boost countervailing forces (Chinese
internal growth, lay-offs, sell-offs, outsourcing production to
Bangladesh and Indonesia, high unemployment, zero interest rates,
government spending, writing off debt, ...)  

Keynesianism won't solve the underlying problem. If you're a fan of
"long waves", then you'll probably agree that Capitalism has currently
no major technological upheaval up its sleeve (maybe biotechnology?)
and is exhausting its capacity to leverage the difference between the
relative value of the labour power of workers in different countries.

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