[Marxism] Class Struggle In America

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 09:59:35 MST 2011

1. See this important new book by Solidarity/Labor Notes milieu
authors on the 1970s upsurge which Dave correctly references:
2. Whether the new upsurge will come in or out of existing unions will
be seen as things evolve. Almost certainly it will be a combination of
the two. And this question overlaps with the valid points La Botz
makes about the interaction between political and economic actions and
demands -- a point Luxemburg made in The Mass Strike. The distinction
doesn't disappear, but the two spheres become mutually reinforcing, as
victories in one inspire the other and on and on (a parallel process
to that on an international level: first Europe, then the Arab Nation,
now the US!).
3. We should all do whatever we can to support the Madison workers.
Already small left groups are calling their own solidarity actions,
which doesn't impress me so much; the harder but crucial job is
getting official structures and prominent rank-and-file leaders to
call them.
But we should also begin preparing for solidarity with the next
upsurge in whichever state tries to impose draconian restrictions on
union rights, wages, jobs and benefits.
And as part of that preparation, to begin forming alternative
crossunion networks -- which seek official support! -- to more easily
and effectively respond.

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