[Marxism] Stephen Colbert, the person, interviewed by Reddit

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy snail at mqduck.net
Tue Nov 30 17:42:09 MST 2010

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like Stephen Colbert.
Despite his regular gushing about the greatness of American soldiers, I
like him rather more than John Stewart these days (who I have ambivalent
feelings towards, as others here also do). See Colbert's
question-and-answer session after his recent in-character speech before
Congress for instance, if you don't believe me:

Anyway, he just gave an interview to Reddit (a decentralized news
aggregate and forum of sorts). That is, he answered 11 questions posed
by the site's community. Before what was the become the unfortunate
Rally to Restore Sanity was even announced, the Reddit community
organized a campaign to convince Colbert to hold a "Restoring
Truthiness" rally in mockery of Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally, by
donating money to a charity Colbert promotes (which gives money to
public schools requesting funding for specific projects, mostly primary
schools) in order to get his attention. It gives insight into his
motives behind the show he puts on which mocks the personality-driven
talk shows on American 24-hour news stations that are so big these days.


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