[Marxism] Wikileaks in its broader context - Assange at the 2010 Oslo Freedom Forum - transcript 1

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Mon Nov 29 19:16:10 MST 2010

Hurray for Wikileaks!  They're throwing some huge monkey wrenches into 
the gears of the System, in the way Mario Savio talked about.  Sowing 
contradictions among the rulers all over the place with this latest.  
Seems corporate and banking America is on Wikileaks's firing line next 
and are shitting in their drawers about it: 

In terms of Assange's ideology, this interview shows him to be a 
"socially-responsible business" type, not an anti-capitalist anarchist 
(or Marxist), although perhaps, as with the Enlightenment remarks, he 
was couching his argument for the particular Forbes ("The Capitalist 
Tools") audience.


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