[Marxism] Cujban CP official Oscar Martinex on new economicpolicy

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Is it possible to describe what the social content will look like of that 
single Latin American national revolution creating that single Latin 
American nation?

Will, for example, European, Asian, and North American capital be 
nationalized, or actually "continentalized"?  Will, for example, Brazil's 
holdings in Boliva be continentalized under the jurisdiction of a 
supra-national Latin American supreme council?

Will "national" capitals be continentalized-- so that for example, 
Argentina's soy production will be reconciled with Bolivia's and Brazil's?

And if any of these things are to how, is it possible to specify an agent 
for such change?  Is there a specific class with some sort of specific 
relations to the way the economies of the current Latin American nations 
reproduce themselves that is expected to achieve this continentalization, 
or, on the contrary, is it simply the "people"  of Latin America, who by a 
force of will and/or desire will accomplish this continentalization?

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