[Marxism] Emulating the NPA in Victoria?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 25 13:50:44 MST 2010

On 11/25/10 3:30 PM, DW wrote:

>  I happen to agree with Lars Lih, Louis.

With what? That Lenin was born on April 22, 1870?

> However, it's a stretch to think that the NPA or any group, grouping, etc is
> functioning in *anyway* with Lih's interpretation of "Leninism" even
> objectively.  This is your illusion, Louis, no one else's.

I have no idea what you are trying to say. The above sentences are 
utterly incoherent.

>  Groups function
> as "self-described" Leninist organizations way outside Lenin's own communist
> understanding of the need for revolutionary workers party modeled on the
> German social-democracy, even adapted 100 years later under entirely
> different circumstances. *It does not matter*. Groups form, split, reform
> and effect the class struggle (or not as usually the case) without regard to
> even the rather astute understanding of Lih's thesis or through their own
> momentum or incorrect understanding of how revolutionaries should relate to
> the working class attempt to form a party of the working class.

This is utter babble.

> I have very little in common with the politics of the CWI or it's sections.
> But I can recognize when a group has made a serious attempt to put forward a
> platform for the working class *and it gets a sounding*.

The CWI and your Lambertiste co-religionists will certainly get a 
"sounding" whatever that means. Unfortunately, they are incapable of 
making a revolution and even create obstacles to creating genuine 
revolutionary organizations.

This is how your fearless leader expresses himself. When I read this 
kind of bombast, I feel a kind of Thanksgiving for losing the ability to 
express myself this way:

The conditions for preparing the fight for the proletarian revolution in 
2007 are no less difficult. As we have seen, they are marked by the 
march that has begun towards barbarism throughout the world. But it is a 
fact that, whatever suffering it has endured, humankind has no other 
future, faced with imperialism’s endless war, faced with the 
disintegration of nations, faced with the pauperisation of the world’s 
population, than to open up the path of the collective appropriation of 
the means of production.

It is precisely our responsibility as the Fourth International to define 
the lessons of October 1917 and to discuss them with the young 
generation, not in order to passively commemorate the past, but in order 
to prepare the future, one through which the oppressed and exploited 
masses, breaking the chains that shackle them, will open the path to a 
society of justice, freedom and peace – because it has been rid of the 
corrupt, bankrupt and doomed system of private ownership of the means of 

Daniel Gluckstein, high priest of the Trotskyist Church


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