[Marxism] Emulating the NPA in Victoria?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 13:30:29 MST 2010

I put "Leninist" in ironic quotes. I happen to agree with Lars Lih, Louis.
However, it's a stretch to think that the NPA or any group, grouping, etc is
functioning in *anyway* with Lih's interpretation of "Leninism" even
objectively.  This is your illusion, Louis, no one else's. Groups function
as "self-described" Leninist organizations way outside Lenin's own communist
understanding of the need for revolutionary workers party modeled on the
German social-democracy, even adapted 100 years later under entirely
different circumstances. *It does not matter*. Groups form, split, reform
and effect the class struggle (or not as usually the case) without regard to
even the rather astute understanding of Lih's thesis or through their own
momentum or incorrect understanding of how revolutionaries should relate to
the working class attempt to form a party of the working class.

Groups that are serious, *regardless* of how they describe themselves or
what they are doing, if they attempt to lead, will do so and it's worth
studying and, maybe, emulating. And those that don't, who get caught up in
*schematic* approaches to organization, are doomed to NOT lead, thus
reducing themselves to political irrelevancy.

I have very little in common with the politics of the CWI or it's sections.
But I can recognize when a group has made a serious attempt to put forward a
platform for the working class *and it gets a sounding*. You have a
sectarian approach which puts groups or individuals in pre-constructed boxed
with a check mark on them because they seek to build a socialist
party/group.tendency. Essentially you are, in a  converse sort of way, a
Spart, Louis. An "everyone should liquidate" sectarian.


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