[Marxism] Now is not the time to be a marxist, on Kirchner

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Tue Nov 16 16:24:02 MST 2010

Just found this video (of April this year) of the Minister of Labor, Carlos Tomada, (of April this year) sitting right next to Pedraza (if you recall, the devil incarnate who manages the politics and hooligans of the Roca railroad line, according to Gorojovsky himself) in a meeting of the Union Ferroviaria 
explicitly supporting its “patria grande” politics involving, for example, the millions of dollars that Pedraza, Moyano and Macri –the leader of the opposition movement PRO- (something of a mixture of Rand Paul and Fred Thompson) siphon out of the “tercerizacion” business, 
(see here http://www.razonyrevolucion.org/ryr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=186%3Ael-aromo-nd57-&id=1192%3Alas-balas-del-patron-ique-es-la-burocracia-del-ferrocarril&Itemid=120)
According to Gorojovsky, the devil incarnate (Pedraza) has a blood bond with the dissident peronist Eduardo Duhalde who the Kirchner movement wants to blame for the murder of Mariano Ferreyra by presenting a document of a meeting that they had…last year!
Well, since the steadfastness in accusing the ultra-leftist sectarians like Petroni, who has presented a judicial cause against Moyano for his ties with the Triple A and CNU (yes, the very groups that, if I heard correctly, tried to kill Gorojovsky too), of being liars or distorters, is of lightning speed “en estos pagos” (around here), I wonder if there are going to be any explanations for this.
Then again, making the revolutionary bourgeoisie carry their national revolutionary tasks armed with the theories of Trotsky…surely no joke.

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