[Marxism] If only...

Dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 15 13:26:14 MST 2010

Well, all the artifacts created by human labour over the last 1 million
years (Homo Erectus) are the shared heritage of the whole of mankind.

>From the Lasceaux Cavern paintings (18 000 BC) to Dogon masks, from
Mayan pyramids to Shang dynasty bronze cauldrons, from Buddhist statues
to the Parthenon, all this is the product of human labour and thus OUR
shared heritage.

None of these artifacts belong to any state. A modern state claiming
such artifacts as "the national heritage of our people" is total
nonsense. They were produced by human beings who never imagined that
their work would be exhibited in museums. More importantly they were
produced by societies who had NO IDEA of what commodity production
meant. They are the product of religious and cultural contexts that are
so far removed from modern Capitalism that the gap is impossible to

All these intricately crafted artworks, representing thousands of hours
of labour, were made by people in accordance with the traditions of the
predominent mode of production prevailing at the time.

So, as our common human heritage, all historical artifacts up to the
19th century should, in all justice, be under the custody of an
international body responsible for preserving mankind's artistic
heritage, and should be on itinerant display on every continent. Six
months in one major city, six months in another, and so on... No more
permanent collections.

Using the past to bolster a particuliar nation state under the pretext
that "these remarkable civilizations were our ancestors" is absurd.  

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