[Marxism] CO2 rising - the science of global warming

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Nov 14 12:06:14 MST 2010

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You realize this makes the case for a social revolution in Argentina,
Uruguay AND the US all the more urgent :) 

Unfortunately, that which makes an action urgent does not make the action
more probable. One cannot will a social revolution; one cannot even predict
the conditions (except in general and vague terms) that might actually bring
about a soci<al revolution.

And the urgency you speak of is _precisely_ what turns the attention many
socialists to daydreams of controlling global warming _within_  capitalism.
That is what leads so many socialists endlessly to wail about the immience
and horrors of global warming rather than focus their thought on what can be
done to further the likeligood of the social revolutions you say are

The topic of global wrming, in fact, far  from contributing to the building
of a resistance movement seems to freeze thought in utopian longing.


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