[Marxism] Fracking comes to Australia

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 13 19:59:09 MST 2010

While the Sydney stuff is a new level of stupid, the coal seam gas issue (and other coal related issues) is a big one all over Australia.

Unfortunately, the left hasn't been responding to it particularly well. The Greens are ahead of them, as a non-aligned environmentalists, but the real vanguard in this struggle are farmers.

It's forcing the Greens to think about how they relate to farmers. In Queensland, at least, there are moves afoot to rewrite some of their policies to make them more farmer-friendly. (Apparently, having Vegans and Animal Liberationists writing your agriculture policy gives strange results...)

Anyway, a couple of the many, many media stories about the coal issue:

Coal mine approved for Surat Basin

Gas plan water fear overruled

Farmers rebel against mining companies

Felton farmers to lock gates


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