[Marxism] If only....

Matt matt2641 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 09:43:48 MST 2010

While I can't agree with the nonsense about refusing to return 
"religious" artifacts to states/social formations that no longer revere 
them, as a historian I believe that the case of the Buddhas of Bamyan 
creates serious concerns about "repatriation,"  which I place in quotes 
because of the rather ahistorical construction that links the 
present-day states of Iraq or Egypt with the states/social formations 
that existed in those geographical areas millennia ago.  That does not 
mean, of course, that allowing them to remain with the imperialist 
thieves who took them is a good idea either.  Just that this issue is a 
bit more complicated than we'd like.



On 11/12/2010 10:14 AM, S. Artesian wrote:
> But you see, Shane regards those artifacts, the Declaration of Independence,
> the bill of rights, etc.  to be the products of a strictly slaveholders'
> rebellion...
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