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Right, so in the meantime, you sanction the theft of the artifacts, and 
their display for the benefit of the thieves.  Wonderful.

Amazing.  Making judgements on state religions in order to support the 
religion of looting.

Protecting civilization are you, white man?

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> When the state religion of Egypt ceases to be that of the Arabians and
> returns to that of the Egyptians I will consider sympathizing with
> that demand.  But until they can return to a home that honors them and
> is not ruled by the desert iconoclasts, these antiquities, the common
> heritage of humanity, should rest safely and comfortably right where
> they are now.
> Shane Mage
>  Porphyry in his Abstinance from Animal Flesh suggests that there
>  are appropriate offerings to all the Gods, and to the highest the
> only offering acceptable is silence.
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