[Marxism] Free Speech on Trial

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The full text of Cannon's reply is at

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On 11/11/10 8:16 PM, Tom Cod wrote:
> Which was critiqued by Spanish Trotskyist Grandizo Munis in an over 
> the top way worthy of the Weathermen, except that unlike them, he
> gone through an actual civil war where counterposing revolutionary 
> violence to fascist repression and advocating that was appropriate; 
> not the reality in the US in 1941, however, so that talking about 
> democratic rights and not revolutionary war was not the namby pamby 
> milquetoast bullshit he suggested it was.  Thus Cannon responded in 
> kind with a similar tone of condescension and contempt as if Munis
> just an isolated "ultraleft" crazy nut ball.  Seems that neither one

> of them understood the other's context and talked past each other.

Unfortunately, the SWP never put Cannon's reply to Munis online and I
don't even know if they still sell the pamphlet but I think it is one
of the best things Cannon ever wrote. Here's an excerpt that was
published by Workers Liberty. I would generally regard anything they
deem worth publishing as suspect but take a pass in this case.


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