[Marxism] Lincoln Elected 150 Years Ago This Day

C. G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Sat Nov 6 16:23:28 MDT 2010


On 11/6/10 12:41 PM, S. Artesian wrote:
> Yes, I guess it takes events 150 years in the past for Nestor and myself to
> agree on something.. but indeed read everything you can about Lincoln, the
> Civil War, and the changes in Lincoln's thoughts about race, class and the
> US, and IMO the conclusion is inescapable:
> Lincoln-- the only decent president in US history.
> Lincoln--the only decent man to be elected president.
> Lincoln's government-- the only government in US history worthy of support
> by Marxists.
> The Civil War-- the only war worth fighting, necessary to fight, in US
> history [yes, including the war for independence].

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