[Marxism] Churchill and the Bengal famine

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 12:34:53 MDT 2010

Halford McKinder did not fall down from Andromeda.

> I found a right-wing Conservative journal
> called the National Review, and a strong theme in it was a strong
> hostility towards Germany, and outright support for Italy in its
> African adventures, and for Japan in the Far East, calling in this
> case for a joint British-Japanese campaign to carve up China.
> Thus Germany (presumably under any type of government, as
> hostility to it was not based upon political disagreements with the
> Nazi regime) was seen as posing a dangerous threat to British imperial
> interests in Europe, whilst Italy could inveigled into becoming an
> ally if it wasn't opposed in its seizing of bits of Africa (countries
> that Britain hadn't bothered with), and a community of interests
> existed between Britain and Japan in partitioning China.


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