[Marxism] NY State Green Party vote

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Imagine what could happen if we all had a common campaign across the country; one not only united with all the activists ten times more capable than any OFA-types, but dedicated to building movements, solidarity with international struggles, working to get endorsements in unions, community, and student organization for worker's rights; mobilizing to put legalization of immigration, ending the wars, gay rights, and even medicalization of addictive drugs? The growth in 3rd party alternatives and even the modest attractions they received, while not in any way a panacea for the workers' struggle to end capitalism, do indicate that there are people out there reflecting and striking out in a different, non-reactionary direction. 

Sartesian is correct, my (and Mark's) "passionate" defense of independent working class electoral political action, is a modest and restrained call. We know for whom the elections are held and for whom they are intended. We know what it will take for working people to come to power and it won't be voted in or televised (at least not when it matters). We need to engage in independent electoral political action precisely because working people yet believe not only in "bourgeois property relations", but also in the leaders that defend those relations--until as Sartesian so succinctly and correctly observes "until they don't". 

We hasten that day with every attempt to make our case in the arenas where working people are "listening", but we will never get them to "hear" what is really needed if we accede to their misconceptions simply because the Truth is so much harder to bear.   In short, we engage in electoral politics to educate, agitate, organize as we have always done. We don't "encourage" elections as a road to emancipation, but if we run, we run to win because we will not be taken seriously if we just run to "spread ideas" (which we can do with a newspaper). This is why I believe it would be so much worth our time to do the (admittedly very) hard work to build a united socialist/working class/Labor/Freedom/whatever campaign whose program is simple with transitional demands that pose the questions of workers power in every instance and which allow each of us, in all our diversity, to make our cases for working class emancipation/liberation/power. . .you get the point. 


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> Governor: Howie Hawkins	57,071 1.4%
> Comptroller: Julia Willebrand 96,224 2.4%
> Senator: Colia Clark	39,181 1.0%
> Senator (special election) Cecile Lawrence 33,435 0.8%
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