[Marxism] 280 of the signs at Jon Stewart's Rally For Sanity and/or Fear

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Mon Nov 1 15:11:21 MDT 2010

For them that might be curious, here are some of the signs at the Stewart
rally. The list was drawn up by Rick Shur. I guess they could be considered
a kind of perverse cultural snapshot, if nothing else.

1.	"A lie gets halfway around the world before truth has a chance to
get its pants on." -Churchill
2.	"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this
sign--that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." -Jonathan Swift
3.	(a guy who looks like Jesus) The End (of democracy) is Near. Please
4.	(a person in a witch costume)Sure I dabbled in trickle-down
economics in high school. Didn't we all do crazy things when we were kids?
5.	(at top of sign) List of very liberal things Obama has done as
President: (blank space underneath)
6.	(attached to a dog) I may be a dog but even my opinions change in
response to new information.
7.	(guy in a devil costume) Obama is not the devil. I am.
8.	(held by a guy costumed as Jesus) Saviors for Sanity
9.	(held by a guy costumed as Lincoln) No guns in theaters!
10.	(held by a guy in a Death costume) Death thanks the GOP for its
stance on healthcare reform.
11.	(held by a guy in an American Indian costume) Deport all aliens now!
12.	(held by a kid) I like tea parties, but with biscuits, not
13.	(held by a kid) I'm afraid Obama is going to take my BB gun away.
14.	(held by a senior citizen) Old white people don't all drink tea!
15.	(held by a young  man) Beck, please stop telling my Dad to hate me.
16.	(on a school whiteboard) We bought this erasable board because just
like America, our ideas are always changing.
17.	(person dressed as Darth Vader) God hates Everyone
18.	(picture of Palin) "Hey tea baggers...how's that dopey, skanky thing
working out for ya?"
19.	(the mathematical symbol, pi) is all the irrationality I need.
20.	(under a map of the United States) Mongrel Nation
21.	(under pictures of Hitler, Stalin, Obama, respectively) Nazi,
Communist, Hawaiian
22.	(under pictures: smiling Bush with a thumb up, next to a smiling
Obama) "Heck of a job, Brownie!"
23.	(underneath a coiled snake) Don't Read To Me!
24.	(underneath a tea kettle) I'm a little Tea Party, old&  white, Proud
of my ignorance, looking for a fight. When I get all steamed up, I just
shout, frightened of my shadow, want foreigners out.
25.	(woman in a burka) We didn't do it!
26.	(written under a picture of Jesus) Actually, that's not what I said.
27.	(young man in Wall Street attire) My shell company never met a front
group it didn't like. ¬ (a logo) RepubliCorp
28.	9/11 Truth, The Elephant in the Room
29.	Abortions for some. Tiny American flags for everybody.
30.	Activated youth reporting for duty.
31.	Adopt the metric system.
32.	Alaskans for Sanity.
33.	Americans are not all white, straight Christians
34.	Americans for the Responsible Use of Hitler Comparisons
35.	Apathy is okay, I guess.
36.	Are you hearing crazy voices? Turn off Fox News.
37.	Are you smarter than a fifth grader? We can't in 2 years fix what
they messed up in 8!
38.	At last we have an adult in the White House.
39.	Attn. Congress! Legalize (marihuana leaf) or GTFO.
40.	Be wary of any man with ONE book.
41.	Bi (partisan) curious
43.	Calm the F*ck Down!
44.	Capitalism without Regulation is Socialism for the Top 1%
45.	Christine O'Donnell is an idiot, but I don't think she's a witch.
46.	Coffee Party for Reasoned Discourse.
47.	Common Sense Prevails in (isolated pockets of) Ohio!
48.	Congress should do stuff.
49.	Congress! Work for Obama to succeed, not the USA to fail.
50.	Country, not Country Club
51.	Death to the extremists!
52.	Dental hygiene is a communist conspiracy.
53.	Dissent is sexy.
54.	Ditch Fear. Choose puppies.
55.	Does the Tea Party know...Obama CUT their taxes?
56.	Don't demonize healthcare.
57.	Don't jump to conclusions, jump rope!
58.	Don't tax our tans.
59.	Don't tea on my leg and tell me it's raining.
60.	Don't tread on anybody.
61.	Don't tread on anyone. It's rude.
62.	Don't tread on my sanity.
63.	Don't you remember how much life sucked two years ago?
64.	Doughy white guys are not an oppressed minority.
65.	Down with this sort of thing.
66.	Down with toilet seats.
67.	Earn money the old-fashioned way. Inherit it!
68.	Eat more and bigger pretzels.
69.	Ecology precedes economy.
70.	Educashun is for socialists.
71.	End Glee theme nights!
72.	End road work.
73.	Eschew obfuscation.
74.	Facts Not Fox
75.	Fear herpes, not socialism.
76.	Fear him! (a picture of Jon Stewart with a Hitler moustache)
77.	Fear the Amish
78.	Fear the Weeper.
79.	Fight apathy with irony.
80.	First time voter, long time sane person
81.	France seems nice enough.
82.	Ganja. No harm. No Foul.
83.	Gay Muslim: I won't blow you up, but I will blow you.
84.	Glen Beck! Stop scaring my parents. They're nice people.
85.	Glen Beck, show us your high school diploma!
86.	God hates apples!
87.	God hates figs [Mark 11:12]
88.	God hates people who hate fags.
89.	God hates rallies.
90.	God hates the non-marshmallow parts of Lucky Charms.
91.	God hates when you go around saying God hates things.
92.	God loves everyone. Even those whose politics I don't necessarily
agree with.
93.	Good people vote.
94.	GOP: Gay old penis
95.	GOP: Grumpy Old People
96.	Got Democracy?
97.	Government doesn't suck.
98.	Hate is not a family value.
99.	Healthcare not Warfare
100.	Hitler. There's only one.
101.	Holy Smokes. Christian flavored tobacco slavery fills the GOP's
campaign chests.
102.	Homo is where the heart is.
103.	Hope-a-holics Unanimous: We still have your back, Mr. President.
104.	How's that angry, feary thing working out for you?
105.	Humans can be domesticated.
106.	Hyperbole is the worst thing ever!!!
107.	I am a foreigner come in peace.
108.	I am afraid of tornadoes and I am reasonably afraid of religious
109.	I am woman; hear me (ROAR crossed out) speak clearly and succinctly
while also acknowledging your opposing point of view.
110.	I cannot believe that I woke up before noon on a Saturday for this.
Now that's insane!
111.	I disagree but I see why you feel that way.
112.	I don't care if Obama is Muslim.
113.	I don't like protesting but I don't know how to show it.
114.	I don't mind paying my taxes because I went to public schools.
115.	I feel I am taxed adequately.
116.	I found Jesus. He's rallying for sanity.
117.	I Hate Intolerance (and eggplant)!!!!
118.	I have no problems paying taxes because roads don't pave themselves.
119.	I have nothing hateful to say.
120.	I love all Americans. Not only "real" Americans.
121.	I love infrastructure. Does that make me a socialist?
122.	I missed Car Talk for THIS?
123.	I spell check my political rage.
124.	I stand 4 good posture.
125.	I support Barack, "Who's Sane," Obama.
126.	I think. Therefore I am here. (emphasis mine)
127.	I took all of your jobs and I still can't afford healthcare.
128.	I understand the difference between fascism and communism and don't
use them interchangeably.
129.	I vote, and I masturbate.
130.	I want my country (the word "back" crossed out) forward!
131.	I want my country ham back.
132.	I was abducted by undocumented aliens!
133.	If I got to know U, I'd probably like U.
134.	If money = speech, then speech is not free.
135.	If we don't rebuild the death star, the terrorists will win.
136.	If you think this is sanity, you've lost your mind, morality or
both. (pictures of oil-slimed pelican, Abu-Graib humiliated prisoner, dead
Iraqi girl under Air Force bomber)
137.	If you want to legislate morality, why not start with greed?
138.	If your anger lasts more than four hours, seek medical advice.
139.	Ignorance does not equal bliss. Give facts a chance.
140.	Ignorant, arrogant&  armed is no way to go thru life, y'all.
141.	I'm a veteran. I'm a Muslim. I'm an American.
142.	I'm afraid of large college education crowds.
143.	I'm already against the next war.
144.	I'm calm as hell.
145.	I'm crazy for sanity.
146.	I'm for effective government...and kisses.
147.	I'm from the Future (it turns out okay)
148.	I'm from the Past (it wasn't that great)
149.	I'm Mad as Hell is not a policy. It's neurotic.
150.	I'm mildly irritated and I'm gonna keep taking it.
151.	I'm not a socialist, but I like public libraries.
152.	I'm not afraid of gay marriage, but zombies kind of freak me out.
153.	I'm not threatened by your post-secondary education.
154.	I'm okay with the mosque, but Wal-Mart really scares me.
155.	I'm peeved as heck, and I prefer not to take it anymore.
156.	I'm pro-gnome, and I vote.
157.	I'm Sorry I'm Blocking Your View with This Big Sign!
158.	Immigrants, Muslims and Gays! Oh, my!
159.	Insanity: Doing the same things over and over again and expecting
different results.
160.	Islam is a cool religion like Judaism.
161.	It All Depends on Who You Hate
162.	It could be worse but let's not make it that way.
163.	It's a sad day when our politicians are comical and I have to take
our comedians seriously!
164.	It's easier 2 quote the Constitution after U read it.
165.	Joe the plumber stole my job!
166.	Just because I'm not shouting doesn't mean I shouldn't be heard.
167.	Kansas apologizes for Fred Phelps
168.	Keep fear alive, or I will have to use my brain!
169.	Keep fear alive. Vote Republican.
170.	Keep masturbation legal!
171.	Keep queer alive
172.	Keep your government hands off my corporate overlords!
173.	Legalize marijuana. Quickly, before they search my fanny pack.
174.	Less Hannity. More Sanity.
175.	Less Sarah Palin! More parasailin'!
176.	Librarians for Fear.
177.	Love = Love
178.	Make awkward sexual advances, not war.
179.	Make climate control a PRIORITY and maybe I'll recover my sanity.
180.	Make English muffins the law.
181.	Man-ner up!
182.	Masturbating witches for O’Donnell.
183.	Masturbation cures hysteria.
184.	Moderates for better iPhone reception.
185.	Moderates like it both ways.
186.	Moderation in defense of liberty is no vice.
187.	Moderation or Death!
188.	More sanity = More food
189.	Muggles for Tolerance
190.	My Rent Is Pretty Reasonable
191.	My wife is a Muslim and not a terrorist, but I'm scared of her
192.	Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.
193.	News sells fear.
194.	No Fear. Know Sanity.
195.	Non-violence by any means necessary.
196.	Obama is not the Anti-Christ (but Glen Beck might be).
197.	On the whole, I am rather gruntled.
198.	One Moment of Zen: Yes We CANnabis.
199.	One of us or perhaps neither of us may be right.
200.	Pakistanis for Sanity
201.	Palin/Beck 2012: How did the Mayans know?
202.	Paranoids for Fear.
203.	Peace has its own reward.
204.	Please stop trying to take back "Your" country. It's mine, too. How
'bout we share?
205.	Polarization is for sunglasses.
206.	Poster prices are too damn high!
207.	Queer Without Fear
208.	Radical moderate.
209.	Reading this might make you gay.
210.	Reject hate. Legalize love.
211.	Restore sanity now because my sitter charges by the hour and I have
a bit of a drive home.
212.	Restore sanity to Iran.
213.	Restore Sanity. Legalize Pot.
214.	Restore sanity. Support health reform.
215.	Retired CIA analyst for sensible drug policy.
216.	Rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength.
217.	Ruly Mob
218.	Sanity does not equal apathy.
219.	Senior for legal pot.
220.	Separation of Corporation and State
221.	Shouting is violence against dialogue.
222.	So you want to take the country back. How far back?
223.	Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people
who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.
224.	Sometimes we can.
225.	South Carolinians for being on The Daily Show less often.
226.	Soy un nuevo ciudadano y voy a votar el martes. I'm a new citizen
and I'm voting on Tuesday.
227.	Speak softly and don't be a big dick.
228.	Stewart/Colbert 2016
229.	Stupid is Scary.
230.	Support Gay Marriage. Why shouldn't they suffer like the rest of us?
231.	Tea leaves. Hope stays.
232.	Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.
233.	Tea Party sounds so much nicer than racist, homophobic mob.
234.	Texans for staying in the Union.
235.	Thank you Fox News for keeping us inflamed!
236.	The Civil War was an inside job.
237.	The end is far!
238.	THE END IS NEARsighted
239.	The End Is Not Near
240.	The Founding Fathers were all Christians (except Franklin,
Jefferson, Paine, Hamilton...)
241.	The Gayrabs are coming!
242.	The last time we mixed church and state people got burned at the
243.	The only thing we have to fear is rampant hyperbole.
244.	The Rant is Too Damn High!
245.	The rent is pretty damn reasonable given the amenities and the
246.	The United States is a representative democracy. It's not pure like
socialism&  fascism. Actually, it's messy and requires compromise. I was
planned that way.
247.	There was never a good war or a bad peace.
248.	They are coming to take our nail clippers away.
249.	Think for yourself.
250.	Think outside the Fox.
251.	Think. It's not illegal yet.
252.	This is my sign. There are many like it but this one is mine. My
sign is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my

life. My sign without me is useless. Without my sign, I am useless.
253.	This sign contains correct grammar and spelling.
254.	This sign is bigger than my penis.
255.	This sign is not from God.
256.	This sign is too damn big!
257.	Travel: $40. Tickets: $0. Making Bill O'Reilly eat his words:
258.	Trickle down only works in behavioral models.
259.	Very gradual change we can believe in.
260.	Wall Street is Killing America.
261.	War crimes must be stopped no matter who does them.
262.	We don't have time for rational solutions.
263.	We have $#*! to do, but this seemed important.
264.	We here highly resolve that this nation will have a new birth of
265.	We support Glen Beck's gay rights.
266.	We're from the Internet. We're here to help.
267.	What do we want? Reasonable Discourse. When do we want it? Sometime
in the not-too-distant future.
268.	What's good for undisclosed donors is good for America.
269.	When the Rapture comes, can I have your TV?
270.	Who would Jesus stomp on?
271.	Why won't Hawaii prove it's a real US state?
272.	WWSD (What Would Spock Do?) Restore Logic.
273.	Yes, we can! DC statehood now.
274.	Yo Mama is undoubtedly a fine woman of firm convictions but I
disagree with her views on government.
275.	You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own spelling.
276.	You'll find we have more in common than not.
277.	Your absolutes are obsolete.
278.	Your Tax Cuts at Work: Underpaid teachers, obsolete air traffic
control radars, too few oil well inspectors (...You get what you pay for)
279.	You're either with us or not. No biggie.
280.	You're Hitler. Don't argue with me. I know you have an overwhelming
urge to invade Poland right now.

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