[Marxism] Evil Bible

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 15 07:54:58 MDT 2010

Paul Flewers wrote:
> I like winding up Bible bashers who are rabbiting on about sinfulness,
> asking them why I should be put to death for eating black pudding (a tasty
> sausage largely made of pig's blood). It's there in black and white:
> Leviticus iii/16-17; vii/26-27; xvii/10-16. 

It should be mentioned that the homophobic Christian and Jewish 
fundamentalists often refer to Leviticus to support punishing 
gays, but the book is filled with ridiculous injunctions against 
all sorts of other practices that would result in the killing of 
probably 90 percent of humanity.

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