[Marxism] Evil Bible

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 07:46:47 MDT 2010

This site is in many ways a modern-day version of an old book I have, first
published in 1888 when in Britain such things could get one into trouble
with the law, called The Bible Handbook by the Freethinker pioneers GW Foote
and WP Ball (my edition is from 1948). This book is a long series of
quotations from both halves of the Bible under the headings 'Bible
Contradictions', 'Bible Absurdities', 'Bible Atrocities', 'Unfulfilled
Prophecies and Broken Promises' and 'Bible Immoralities, Indecencies and

Having never read the Bible in my youth (that's what comes from going to a
Church of England school!), I was amazed when I read this book to discover
just how violent and intolerant the basis for Christianity, Judaism and
Islam actually is. 

I like winding up Bible bashers who are rabbiting on about sinfulness,
asking them why I should be put to death for eating black pudding (a tasty
sausage largely made of pig's blood). It's there in black and white:
Leviticus iii/16-17; vii/26-27; xvii/10-16. 

Paul F

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