[Marxism] first Helen Thomas, now Octavia Nasr

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 06:48:53 MDT 2010

CNN's Senior Editor for Middle East Affairs, Octavia Nasr, has been fired for a
twitter expressing grief at the death of Grand Ayatollah Mohammed
Hussein Fadlallah (see
obituaries posted previously to other lists below.) She noted in
particular his support for women's
The hypocrisy is obvious, as CNN -- like all the networks -- is full
of people like Wolf
Blitzer who openly express praise for the war criminals in the
Pentagon. Probably the
most recent and egregious example of how the networks are in bed with
(excuse me,
"embedded") the US and Israeli murder machines is the criticism by CBS chief
foreign correspondent Lara Logan of Michael Hasting for his article on
war criminal Gen.
McChrystal; Logan complained that "Hastings has never served his
country the way
McChrystal has."
I don't know if there's any kind of defense campaign or other support
for Nasr that's
possible, but it's worth investigating.
Note the admission that the CIA attempt to kill him instead led to deaths of 80
civilians, including children and pregnant women.
And note especially the last line in the Times obituary.

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