[Marxism] ¡Viva Cuba, territorio libre de América! [was: Cuban medics...]

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 21:01:52 MST 2010

Joaquín responded with: "These Cubans are BUILDING a nation, not an alien nation, but THEIR OWN nation. They're building a nation that INCLUDES Cuba, but goes beyond it. It will be a nation in which Cuba will be, yes, just a province, but also one of the proudest and most inspiring chapters in its history. That nation --the Latin American nation-- that is the strategic road forward, not preaching socialism abstractly and separated from this movement. What Cuba NEEDS is the Latin American "Cuban" revolution, in other words, the Latin America national revolution -- and the world needs it."

. . . these are good thoughts. 

I can see this kind of road much better than the platitudinal "defense" of economy and I agree, the building of a national revolution as a task of socialist revolutionaries is not simply a "poetic" statement (I am not bothered by the sectism that would hope to separate the "national movement" from socialist revolution). Perhaps there is a "cover story" around putting imperialism to "shame" with regard to revolutionary doctors and nurses shared with the Latin American nation. . .to be. 

As I replied earlier, I remain patient and my resonance with the example of Cuba does not waiver.  		 	   		  

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