[Marxism] Follow up to "True Grit"

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 09:03:01 MST 2010

Louis Proyect wrote:

"Although most of this article is concerned with political issues that
would lead me to award “True Grit” with the rotten it deserved, I want
to start off by highlighting its major flaw that has not been identified
by critics, to my knowledge. Unlike most of the great movies in this
genre from “The Magnificent Seven” to “Unforgiven”, “True Grit” has
shallow and underdeveloped villains. This is either due to the original
material in Portis’s novel or in the Coens’ screenplay. Not having read
the novel, I cannot be sure."

My Response: A movie review by someone who trashes "Avatar"  but lauds a
movie based on a tv series about a group of New York yuppies and their vapid
one dimensional relationships, has very little credibility with me.

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